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Lost City of Prei in Skull and Bones: Wiki, Gameplay, and Trailer

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Lost City of Prei in Skull and Bones: Wiki, Gameplay, and Trailer

Unleash Your Pirate Spirit in Skull and Bones: Exploring the Lost City of Prei

News: Ubisoft Singapore has crafted an action-adventure game named Skull and Bones, set to hit the shelves in February 2024. The game unfolds in the late 17th century, immersing players in a world brimming with piracy and naval warfare. Inspired by the Golden Age of Piracy, Skull and Bones beckons players to embark on exciting adventures, take command of ships, participate in intense battles, and navigate perilous waters. Its imaginative setting spans across East Africa and Southeast Asia, promising players an enthralling mix of action, strategy, and exploration.

The Lost City of Prei: A Treasure Trove of Upgrades

In the game map’s top right corner, you’ll find the important Lost City of Prei in Skull and Bones. It becomes a crucial spot for players who’ve hit the highest level and gained a lot of infamy. Here, they can explore for valuable upgrades for their pirate ships. One prized upgrade is the “Bastion II” hull blueprint, up for sale by the Overseas Smuggler. Yet, some players run into a bit of trouble when trying to buy items from this mysterious merchant. This challenge has left players puzzled and in need of guidance on unlocking access to purchasing from the Overseas Smuggler in the Lost City of Prei.

A World of Tactical Action and Exploration

Back in 2017, Skull and Bones was first introduced as a tactical action game set in a vast open world. From a third-person perspective, players get the reins of a fully customizable pirate ship. They can venture solo across the Indian Ocean in a captivating single-player campaign or team up with up to five others for intense player versus player battles in Disputed Waters.

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Strategic smarts become key in gaining the upper hand during combat encounters in Skull and Bones. Things like wind positioning can be cleverly used to outmaneuver opponents and clinch victory. The game throws in the chance to snag additional ships, ranging from sloops-of-war to frigates and brigantines, each armed with a variety of weapons, including mortars, broadside cannons, and rockets.

In the multiplayer mode, known as “Loot Hunt,” two groups of players duke it out in thrilling treasure hunting challenges to stack up the wealth. This mode adds an extra dose of excitement and camaraderie as players team up or face off against each other in their pursuit of riches.

Skull and Bones is highly anticipated, promising to whisk players away to a world brimming with adventure, piracy, and naval battles. Its immersive gameplay, customizable pirate ships, and strategic depth ensure a truly unique and captivating experience. The Lost City of Prei holds significant importance, offering valuable upgrades and thrilling challenges. Despite some players facing hurdles purchasing from the Overseas Smuggler, the allure of unlocking the “Bastion II” hull blueprint keeps them determined to overcome obstacles. Set for release in February 2024, Skull and Bones is set to enchant players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Microsoft Windows. Prepare to embrace your inner pirate and embark on an unforgettable voyage.


Q: How do I unlock the ability to purchase items from the Overseas Smuggler in the Lost City of Prei?

A: To gain access to purchasing from the Overseas Smuggler in the Lost City of Prei, you must reach the maximum level cap and accumulate a significant amount of infamy.

Q: Tell me about the “Bastion II” hull blueprint and its location in Skull and Bones.

A: The “Bastion II” hull blueprint is a sought-after upgrade for pirate ships in Skull and Bones. You can acquire it by purchasing it from the Overseas Smuggler in the Lost City of Prei.

Q: Can I enjoy multiplayer mode with friends in Skull and Bones?

A:  Skull and Bones features a multiplayer mode called “Loot Hunt,” where two groups of players engage in treasure hunting challenges, competing to amass wealth.

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