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Lincare Settlement Claim 2024 : Know Eligibility, Payment Dates, Amount, Status & How To File

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Lincare Settlement Claim 2024 – Learn How to File, Eligibility, and Payment Dates

Lincare Settlement Claim 2024

News: Lincare Holdings Inc., a prominent healthcare entity, recently confronted legal challenges following a data breach in September 2021. The breach exposed sensitive personal and health information of clients, including names, birth dates, addresses, health insurance particulars, medical treatments, and even social security numbers. Subsequently, a lawsuit was filed against Lincare in the United States district court, documented under case number 8:22-cv-1472-TPB-AAS.

In response to the breach, Lincare Holdings Inc. is currently engaged in a class action settlement in the District Court for the Middle District of Florida. This settlement aims to compensate individuals who have endured identity theft, incurred out-of-pocket expenses, and suffered time loss. If you qualify for the Lincare Settlement Claim in 2024, you must complete the claim form available on the official website before April 15, 2024, to receive compensation for your incurred damages and losses.

Background of the Lincare Settlement:

Lincare, a firm specializing in home respiration services, has come under legal scrutiny due to allegations of deceptive advertising, overbilling, and erroneous Medicare billing practices. In light of these concerns, Lincare has initiated a settlement agreement, establishing a fund to reimburse affected individuals. The Lincare settlement claim form offers a channel for these individuals to seek restitution for the company’s data breach practices.

Benefits of Lincare Settlement Claim 2024:

The settlement agreement delineates various benefits accessible through the Lincare settlement claim form:

1. Medical Shield: Provides safeguards against identity theft and conducts monitoring of medical records.

2. Reimbursement for Expenses: Addresses expenses indirectly linked to the incident.

3. Compensation for Verified Lost Time: Offered to mitigate issues arising from the incident.

4. Reimbursement for Specific Statutory Demands: Accessible to Settlement Class Members who resided in California at the time of the incident.

Final Hearing of Lincare Settlement Claim:

A Final Approval Hearing is scheduled for June 12, 2024, at the Sam Gibbons United States Federal Courthouse in Tampa, Florida. During this hearing, the Court will evaluate the fairness, reasonableness, and adequacy of the proposed Settlement for the Settlement Class. Additionally, the Court will review applications for reimbursement from Class Counsel and address any objections or arguments concerning the fairness of the Settlement.

Lincare Settlement Claim Dates 2024:

Here are the key dates to keep in mind for the Lincare Settlement Claim in 2024:

– Opt-Out Deadline: March 14, 2024
– Objection Deadline: March 14, 2024
– Claims Deadline: April 15, 2024
– Final Approval Hearing: June 12, 2024

Lincare Settlement Claim Amount 2024:

The settlement claim amounts differ based on individual circumstances:

– Recipients with Medical Protection such as ID Theft Insurance: $7.5 Million
– Recipients experiencing Out-of-Pocket Losses due to the “Incident”: $5,000
– Recipients losing time that could have been spent working due to the “Incident”: $20 per hour
– Recipients with additional claims from the California Settlement: $90

Lincare Settlement Claim Eligibility 2024:

To qualify for the settlement claim, recipients must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

1. Recipients must be customers of Lincare.
2. Recipients must have incurred financial losses due to the company’s practices or incidents.
3. Recipients must submit valid claims before April 15, 2024.
4. Recipients must possess the required documents as specified.

Documents Required for Lincare Settlement Claim:

Once recipients qualify for the claim, they will need to provide certain documents for the Lincare Settlement Claim Form 2024, including:

  1. Class Member ID

  2. Billing Statements

  3. Bank Transfers

Lincare Settlement Claim Form:

The Lincare Settlement Claim Form is tailored for individuals pursuing benefits outlined in the settlement agreement with Lincare Holdings. It mandates the submission of pertinent details to secure compensation as part of the Settlement. The form encompasses diverse benefits, including medical shield protection, reimbursement for incident-related expenses, compensation for lost time, and reimbursement for specific statutory demands made by Settlement Class Members who were California residents during the incident.

How to Apply for Lincare Settlement Claim?

To apply for the Lincare Settlement Claim, adhere to the following steps:

1. Visit the official website of the Lincare Settlement Claim, [Website URL].
2. Carefully review and follow the instructions provided in the Settlement agreement uploaded on the website’s homepage.
3. Click on the tab labeled “Click here to file a claim in the settlement.”
4. You will be directed to a login page where you need to input your Class Member ID, which you would have received in the notice if you are eligible.
5. Complete the claim form by providing personal details such as your name, gender, date of birth, etc. Additionally, furnish detailed information about the damages you suffered as a customer of Lincare Holdings Inc.
6. Submit the requisite supporting documents.
7. After verifying the information provided and ensuring all documents are in order, click on the submit button.
8. Your claim form will be submitted, and you must await approval from the designated administrator.
9. Once the administrator approves the form, any inquiries regarding the damages will be addressed through the form.
10. Upon completion of all necessary procedures, you will receive the settlement amount on a date to be announced on the website.

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How to Claim the Lincare Settlement?

To claim the amount under the Lincare Settlement, adhere to the following steps:

1. Obtain the Lincare settlement claim form from the website or helpline.
2. Review the instructions provided to ensure accurate completion.
3. Fill out the claim form with precise details regarding the risks, Lincare settlement timeframe, and other essential information.
4. Gather supporting documents, such as billing statements or receipts, to bolster your claim.
5. Submit the completed form and supporting documents before the specified deadline.
6. Await the claims administrator’s review and be prepared for potential inquiries. Ensure compliance with all eligibility criteria and procedures for a successful claim.


Q: Who qualifies to file a claim for the Lincare Settlement?

A: Individuals who are customers of Lincare and have incurred financial losses due to the company’s practices or incidents are eligible to file a claim for the Lincare Settlement.

Q: What documents are necessary to submit a Lincare Settlement Claim Form?

A: Required documents for a Lincare Settlement Claim Form comprise a Class Member ID, billing statements, and bank transfers.

Q: When is the deadline for submitting a Lincare Settlement Claim?

A: The deadline for submitting a Lincare Settlement Claim is April 15, 2024.

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