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Like A Dragon Gaiden: Four Kings of the Coliseum, How to unlock the Coliseum in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

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Like A Dragon Gaiden Best Coliseum Team, How to Unlock All Coliseum Fighters In Like A Dragon Gaiden?

Like A Dragon Gaiden

News: In Like a Dragon Gaiden, building a powerful coliseum team is crucial for success in battles. The ultimate coliseum lineup features Taiga Saejima, Goro Majima, and Daigo Dojima, forming a formidable trio. Furthermore, the inclusion of DLC fighters from pre-order bonuses can significantly boost the team’s overall strength.

About Like A Dragon Gaiden

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name stands as an action-adventure video game crafted by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and brought to fruition by Sega. Its launch took place on November 9, 2023, spanning platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Positioned as a side narrative within the Like a Dragon series, the game weaves an interconnected tale, offering players an immersive experience in the expansive universe of Like a Dragon.

Gameplay and Storyline

The narrative of Like a Dragon Gaiden revolves around Kazuma Kiryu, the central character of the series, embarking on a fresh adventure in Osaka while assuming the covert identity of a secret agent. This storyline unfolds concurrently with the events depicted in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, released in 2020.

Best Coliseum Team

Now, let’s take a look at the best coliseum team in Like a Dragon Gaiden:

Silver Rank Team:

– Hammerhead: Enhances Attack significantly and gains increased resilience, making it challenging to break through defenses.

– Hattori the Ninja: Wielding the formidable Extreme Slash, Hattori executes an unblockable slash attack with precision.

– Phoeniki: Empowered with Powerful Spin, Phoeniki executes an unstoppable spin attack that cannot be guarded against.

– Akimoto-Kun: Boasting the unique ability to recover health using an Energy Drink, Akimoto-Kun adds a restorative dimension to the team.

– Alternative Choices: In the absence of the aforementioned characters, consider Yoshihito Onizuka and Yuji Nunokawa as viable alternatives, offering solid options for strategic gameplay.

Gold to Platinum Rank Team:

– Sheep Man, Chicken Man, Yappi-Kun, Gary Buster Holmes, Fumiya Sugiura, Keita Kuroyanagi, Super Guard Machine, Masaharu Kaito, Toru Higashi, Katsuwo.

– Alternative Choices: If these fighters prove elusive, Hamako Ishikawa, Yasuo Sodachi, and Yoshihito Onizuka present viable alternatives for strategic consideration.

Personal Team:

– Taiga Saejima, Goro Majima, Daigo Dojima, Masaharu Kaito, Toru Higashi, Gary Buster Holmes, Fumiya Sugiura, Sheep Man, Chicken Man, Yappi-Kun.

This lineup forms a formidable team with a diverse set of skills and abilities, ensuring a well-rounded approach to various challenges and battles within the game.

Unlocking Coliseum Fighters

The Coliseum in Like a Dragon Gaiden serves as a special arena where Kiryu can demonstrate his combat prowess and reap rewards. Accessible from the second chapter of “The Man Who Erased His Name,” the Coliseum offers solo or team-based challenges, including one-on-one Tournament Fights, wave-based Hell Rumble, and team-oriented Hell Team Rumble.

Unlocking Coliseum fighters in Like a Dragon Gaiden involves specific actions and quests:

– Akira Guren: Complete the “Vanquish the Red Peacocks” and “Final Showdown: Red Peacocks” Requests.

– Businessman Taro: Engage with Taro in the Silver Rank VIP Room after conquering all Hell Team Rumble Bronze Rank challenges.

– Daigo Dojima: Acquired as a pre-order bonus for Like a Dragon: Gaiden.

– Excellent Sujiya: Fulfill the “Save the Pro Wrestler” Request from Akame.

– Goro Majima: Secured as a pre-order bonus.

– Hammerhead: Added during the Coliseum tutorial that introduces Hell Team Rumble matches.

– Hattori the Ninja: Unlock by conversing with Hattori in the VIP Silver Lounge.

– Homeless Yamaoka: Complete the “Recruit Homeless Yamaoka” Request from Akame.

– Kamiyama: Initiate contact with the Broker in the Coliseum lobby, then pay 100,000 Yen to meet Kamiyama.

– Koji Shiranita: Complete the “Vanish the White Knights” and “Final Showdown: White Knights” Requests post the Red Peacocks challenge.

– Lil’ Rhyuji Godad: Engage with the Broker and pay 200,000 Yen to encounter Rhyuji.

– Patriarch Gondawara: Converse with the Broker and pay 300,000 Yen to meet Gondawara.

– Phoeniki: Unlock by talking to Phoeniki in the Silver VIP Lounge.

– Ryusei Tobashira: Complete “The Strongest Convenience Store Clerk” Request from Akame to acquire this fighter.

This list provides a glimpse of the diverse Coliseum fighters in Like a Dragon Gaiden, each offering unique abilities to enhance your team. With challenging battles and an intriguing undercover mission for Kiryu, the game promises an immersive and thrilling experience for fans of the series. Embark on this adventure, strategize, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Like a Dragon Gaiden.


Q: How do I access Goro Majima in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

A: Goro Majima can be obtained as part of the pre-order bonus for Like a Dragon: Gaiden.

Q: At what point in Like a Dragon Gaiden can I access the Coliseum?

A: The Coliseum becomes available in the second chapter of “The Man Who Erased His Name.”

Q: Is it possible to partner with allies during Coliseum battles?

A: Indeed, you have the option to either engage in Coliseum battles alone or team up with allies in one-on-one, wave-based, and team-based encounters.


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