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Les Moonves: Recent Developments and New Perspectives

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Les Moonves: A Look at His Post-CBS Ventures and Legal Challenges

Les Moonves: A Look at His Post-CBS Ventures and Legal Challenges

News: Since his departure from CBS in 2018, Les Moonves, the former CEO, has ventured into uncharted territory and encountered legal challenges. One of his recent undertakings is the formation of Moon Rise Unlimited, a company located in West Hollywood, California. Nonetheless, the precise objectives of this new venture remain veiled in secrecy.

Withdrawing from a Severance Package

In 2021, Les Moonves made the unexpected choice to forgo his pursuit of a $120 million severance package from CBS. This decision was influenced by the sexual misconduct allegations that had been leveled against him. It’s worth emphasizing that Moonves vehemently denies these allegations.

A noteworthy development in Les Moonves’ legal struggles occurred in 2022 when he reached a settlement with the New York State attorney general. The settlement amounted to $30.5 million and was related to allegations of him providing misleading information to investors concerning the misconduct allegations against him.

Continuing in the Entertainment Industry

Despite the ongoing controversies surrounding him, Les Moonves maintains an active presence in the entertainment industry. He presently holds the role of chairman at the Hollywood Commission, a nonprofit organization focused on addressing workplace abuses within the industry. This position reflects his dedication to fostering a safe and inclusive working environment.

The Redstone Influence

It’s worth noting that Les Moonves’ departure from CBS was influenced by Shari Redstone, the daughter of the former CBS chairman Sumner Redstone. Redstone was a staunch advocate for the CBS-Viacom merger, whereas Moonves was in opposition to it. This disagreement played a pivotal role in his exit from the company.

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Support from Julie Chen

Throughout the entirety of this challenging ordeal, Les Moonves has received steadfast support from his wife, Julie Chen. Chen firmly maintains her belief in his innocence and has gone so far as to suggest that there may have been political motivations behind the allegations against him. Despite the intense public scrutiny and speculations surrounding his actions, Moonves remains resolute in his commitment to future endeavors within the entertainment industry.

In summary, Les Moonves, the former CEO of CBS, has faced a series of challenges and legal battles since his departure from the company. Despite these setbacks, he has actively embarked on new ventures and maintains a presence in the entertainment industry. While controversy surrounds him, Moonves remains committed to fostering a safe and inclusive work environment as the chairman of the Hollywood Commission. As he navigates the aftermath of his CBS departure, the future holds considerable intrigue for Les Moonves.


Q: Are the accusations against Les Moonves accurate?

A: Les Moonves vehemently denies the sexual misconduct allegations made against him, and his wife, Julie Chen, stands by him, believing in his innocence.

Q: What does the Hollywood Commission refer to?

A: The Hollywood Commission is a nonprofit organization aimed at addressing workplace abuses in the entertainment industry. Les Moonves currently serves as its chairman.

Q: What was the amount of the settlement reached with the New York State attorney general?

A: Les Moonves reached a settlement of $30.5 million with the New York State attorney general in relation to accusations of misleading investors about the misconduct allegations against him.

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