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Last Epoch Reveals New Falconer Class

Post Last Updates by Ankit: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 @ 8:41 PM

Last Epoch Reveals New Falconer Class

The Falconer in Last Epoch

News: The recent unveiling of the Falconer character class in Last Epoch has stirred considerable excitement among players. As the third Rogue Mastery introduced in the game, it injects a novel and thrilling playstyle into the mix. The Falconer embodies a adept strategist, employing cunning traps and a devoted Falcon to outmaneuver adversaries and secure triumph.

The Power of the Falcon

One of the key features of the Falconer is the Falcon itself. This majestic bird acts as a powerful ally, attacking nearby enemies and unleashing devastating blows. With the active skill called Falcon Strikes, the Falconer can further enhance the damage dealt by their feathered companion. This combination of player-controlled attacks and automated Falcon strikes creates a dynamic and engaging combat experience.

Customization and Versatility

Personalization plays a vital role in shaping the Falconer’s gameplay. Players possess the capability to customize the skills of the Falcon, enabling them to fine-tune its abilities according to their unique playstyles and preferred strategies. Furthermore, the Falconer can summon the Falcon to engage enemies automatically, introducing an additional dimension of versatility to their array of tactics.

The Role of Traps

Traps play a significant role in the Falconer’s repertoire. One notable trap is the Explosive Trap, which can be customized to inflict a variety of damage types. This allows players to adapt their strategy to different enemy encounters and maximize their effectiveness in battle. Deploying traps strategically can turn the tide of a fight and ensure the Falconer’s victory.

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Building a Powerful Falconer

For players looking to create a powerful Falconer build, focusing on the Falconry skill is essential. This skill allows players to summon and control the Falcon, unleashing its full potential. To maximize damage output, many players opt for a Falcon build that combines the use of Explosive Trap and Falconry. This deadly combination synergizes well, creating devastating results on the battlefield.

About Last Epoch

Last Epoch, an action role-playing game falling within the hack and slash genre, is currently in early access and has garnered a dedicated following of players. Developed by Eleventh Hour Games, the full release is scheduled for February 21, 2024, intensifying the anticipation surrounding the Falconer’s introduction.

The Falconer character class in Last Epoch introduces a distinctive and exhilarating playstyle. With their reliance on clever traps and a loyal Falcon, Falconers are positioned to outsmart adversaries in the Last Epoch universe. The inclusion of customization options and versatile gameplay mechanics makes the Falconer a thrilling addition, providing players with endless opportunities for strategic and engaging combat experiences. Equip yourself and embrace the Falconer’s skills and abilities as you embark on an epic journey in Last Epoch.


Q: What defines the Falconer class in Last Epoch?

A: The Falconer is a character class in Last Epoch characterized by utilizing clever traps and a loyal Falcon to outsmart enemies and secure victories.

Q: How can I personalize the skills of the Falcon as a Falconer?

A: As a Falconer, you possess the ability to customize the skills of your Falcon, enabling you to tailor its abilities to match your preferred playstyle and strategic preferences.

Q: When is the anticipated full release date for Last Epoch?

A: The full release of Last Epoch is expected to take place on February 21, 2024, heightening the excitement for the introduction of the Falconer class.

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