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Last Epoch God Hunter Argentus: Wings of Argentus

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The Last Epoch Wings of Argentus

The Last Epoch Wings of Argentus

News: The Last Epoch Wings of Argentus stands out as a singular body armor within the game, tailored for players at level 82 or above. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Gladiator Armor, this elusive artifact is a coveted treasure among players, prized for its remarkable attributes and advantages.

Advantages for Melee Characters

Tailored for melee characters, this unique body armor provides substantial advantages. It amplifies Melee Fire Damage and Melee Cold Damage by a percentage ranging from 40 to 100, rendering it an optimal selection for those prioritizing close-quarters combat.

A notable feature of the Wings of Argentus is the opportunity to acquire a brief burst of Haste lasting 1 second upon striking an enemy. This acceleration can prove pivotal during confrontations, granting players heightened agility and a tactical edge.

Defensive Advantage

In addition to its offensive capabilities, the Wings of Argentus also provide a defensive advantage. The armor reduces the damage taken while moving by 40%, enhancing the survivability of characters during dynamic combat situations.

Furthermore, the Wings of Argentus grant a bonus of +1 to Melee Fire Attacks and +1 to Melee Cold Attacks, further augmenting the effectiveness of these types of attacks.

Impressive Stats

Sporting an array of formidable statistics, the Wings of Argentus emerge as a potent selection for characters within the game. Its inherent bonus of +220 Armor furnishes robust defense against physical assaults, fortifying the wearer’s endurance and resilience on the battlefield.

In terms of offensive prowess, the Wings of Argentus boast exceptional modifiers. Players benefit from a notable escalation in both Melee Fire Damage and Melee Cold Damage, ranging from 40% to 160%. Such attributes render the armor exceedingly appealing to characters adept in melee combat, empowering them to inflict substantially heightened damage with fire and cold-based assaults.

Strategic Advantages

Furthermore, the Wings of Argentus provide tactical advantages in combat. There’s a 20% probability of acquiring Haste for 1 second upon striking an enemy, granting a momentary surge in speed. This can prove pivotal in dynamic battle scenarios, enabling players to evade incoming attacks and strike with greater precision.

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Additionally, the armor mitigates damage by 20% while in motion, furnishing a significant defensive augmentation for characters who prefer agile maneuvers during engagements. These attributes render the Wings of Argentus a coveted item for players seeking to bolster both their offensive and defensive strategies in the game.

The Last Epoch Wings of Argentus stands as a distinctive and formidable body armor, offering invaluable enhancements for melee characters. Its remarkable offensive and defensive capabilities, encompassing heightened Melee Fire Damage and Melee Cold Damage, the chance for Haste, and damage reduction while moving, establish it as a prized possession for players striving for excellence within the Last Epoch universe. With its unique features and benefits, the Wings of Argentus truly shine as a pivotal asset for characters traversing the realms of Last Epoch.


Q: Where can I locate the Wings of Argentus in the game?

A: The Wings of Argentus are prized for their rarity and elusive nature. They can potentially be acquired as drops from formidable adversaries or through trading with fellow players.

Q: Can any character class utilize the Wings of Argentus?

A: The Wings of Argentus are versatile and can be worn by characters of any class within the game. However, their attributes are particularly advantageous for melee-oriented characters, given their offensive and defensive enhancements.

Q: Are there alternative body armor selections offering comparable benefits?

A: While various body armor options exist in the game, the Wings of Argentus distinguish themselves with their distinctive blend of offensive and defensive attributes. Players seeking similar advantages might explore other rare and unique body armor pieces available throughout the game world.

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