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Josh Hazlewood Injury Update, What Happened to Josh Hazlewood? What Injury Does Josh Hazlewood Have?

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Josh Hazlewood Injury Update, What Happened to Josh Hazlewood? What Injury Does Josh Hazlewood Have?

Stay updated on the latest information regarding Josh Hazlewood’s injury as we provide you with the most recent updates on the skilled cricketer’s condition and keep you informed about his progress in recovering.

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Josh Hazlewood Injury Update, What Happened to Josh Hazlewood? What Injury Does Josh Hazlewood Have?


Who is Hazlewood?


Born on January 8, 1991, Josh Reginald Hazlewood is a prominent Australian cricketer who proudly represents the national team. His remarkable height and precision on the field often draw comparisons to the legendary former Australian paceman, Glenn McGrath. Hazlewood has earned impressive rankings in international cricket, currently holding the No. 2 spot in ODIs, No. 3 in T20Is, and No. 12 in Tests as per the ICC Men’s Player Rankings. He played a vital role as a member of the Australian squads that secured triumph in both the 2015 Cricket World Cup and the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

During the initial stages of his career, Hazlewood spent his formative years in Bendemeer, a quaint town nestled in New South Wales, Australia. It was there that he honed his cricketing skills by engaging in spirited backyard matches with his older brother. Displaying immense talent, Hazlewood’s cricketing journey began to take shape at the age of 12 when he started playing for Tamworth, pitting his skills against adult players. His remarkable progress caught the attention of selectors, and at the young age of 17, he earned the prestigious opportunity to represent New South Wales. Notably, this achievement made him the youngest paceman ever to be chosen for the team.




In November 2008, Josh Hazlewood marked his entry into the realm of first-class cricket with his debut match at the Sydney Cricket Ground. His inaugural appearance was against the touring New Zealand side, showcasing his potential on the grand stage. Hazlewood’s talent and dedication paved the way for further achievements, leading him to make his One Day International (ODI) debut for Australia on June 22, 2010. Notably, this milestone made him the youngest player to represent Australia in the format. Prior to his senior international debut, Hazlewood had already showcased his skills at the youth level. He proudly donned the jersey of Australia Under-19s and stood as the youngest member of the Australian squad participating in the 2008 Under-19 World Cup.



Josh Hazlewood Injury Update

Due to persistent side soreness, Josh Hazlewood has been forced to sit out of Australia’s World Test Championship final against India at The Oval. Despite his efforts to train and complete three bowling spells, Hazlewood has been unable to overcome the discomfort, resulting in his absence from the crucial match. As a replacement, Scott Boland is anticipated to step in as the team’s third seamer in the lineup.

In recent times, Josh Hazlewood has encountered a string of injuries, including side strains and an Achilles injury. These unfortunate circumstances have significantly curtailed his involvement in Test matches, with only four appearances over the past two years. Despite these setbacks, Hazlewood wants to address any exaggerations regarding concerns about his long-term fitness. He maintains that his overall fitness is in a favorable state and expresses confidence in his physical well-being.



Hazlewood has expressed frustration regarding the timing of his injuries, as they have disrupted his plans on multiple occasions. Notably, he had to depart from the Indian Premier League (IPL) earlier than anticipated due to a side strain, and he has encountered various injuries during different Test series. However, Hazlewood maintains a positive outlook and emphasizes that these setbacks have been a matter of unfortunate timing rather than indicating a long-term problem. He remains determined to overcome these challenges and continue performing at his best.

Hazlewood recognizes the unique challenges that come with bowling in various conditions. He acknowledges that compared to the demanding conditions in India or Australia, England offers some respite. However, he remains cautious about effectively managing his side strain and emphasizes the significance of being attentive to his body. Hazlewood understands the importance of listening to his physical signals and taking necessary precautions to ensure his fitness and performance remain at their best. By being mindful of his body’s needs, he aims to navigate the challenges of different conditions successfully.

Moving forward, Hazlewood holds the hope that he won’t require any special management during the upcoming Ashes series. He is optimistic because the shorter bowling innings typically experienced in England are generally less physically demanding. Looking ahead to the Ashes series, Hazlewood anticipates the challenges that lie ahead and aims to perform at his best without the need for any additional measures or specific attention to his physical condition.



What Happened to Josh Hazlewood?


Australian fast bowler Josh Hazlewood has been officially excluded from the country’s World Test Championship squad for the match against India at the Oval, scheduled from June 7th to 11th. Cricket Australia issued a statement confirming that Hazlewood is currently dealing with a left Achilles issue and a recurring side injury that resurfaced during his time in the Indian Premier League. As a replacement, Michael Neser, who represents Glamorgan in county cricket, has been added to the squad as a substitute for Hazlewood.

While representing the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Josh Hazlewood sustained a side strain that raised concerns about his fitness. Despite expressing confidence in his physical condition just a few days ago, mentioning that his training sessions were progressing positively and he was nearing full pace, Hazlewood’s injuries have ultimately led him to withdraw from the Test match. Unfortunately, his injuries have proven to be significant enough to prevent his participation in the upcoming game.




In his recent statement, Hazlewood mentioned that he had been diligently focusing on his fitness and had a few more sessions left to complete before the match. He described one of his recent sessions as a warm-up to get his blood flowing and expressed his enthusiasm to continue his training in London. Hazlewood’s dedication to his fitness regimen and eagerness to prepare for the upcoming match highlight his commitment to the game and his desire to contribute to his team’s success.

Due to the persistent Achilles and side injuries that resurfaced during his time in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Josh Hazlewood has been officially ruled out of Australia’s World Test Championship squad. As a result, Michael Neser has been named as his replacement for the one-off Test match against India. Despite Hazlewood’s earlier optimistic remarks about his fitness, his injuries have ultimately hindered his ability to participate in the match.



What Injury Does Josh Hazlewood Have?

Josh Hazlewood has not provided specific information regarding his current injury in the given text. However, he addresses concerns about his recurring injuries, suggesting that they may be exaggerated. Hazlewood asserts that his overall fitness is in good condition, even though he has only played in four Test matches over the past two years. Despite the limited appearances, he remains confident in his physical well-being and ability to perform at a high level.

As a result of persistent side soreness, Josh Hazlewood has been officially ruled out of Australia’s World Test Championship final against India at The Oval. Despite completing three separate bowling spells during training on Saturday, Hazlewood’s ongoing discomfort has led to his exclusion from the match. As a replacement, Scott Boland will assume the role of the third seamer in the Australian lineup. While Hazlewood will be watching from the sidelines, Boland will step up to contribute to the team’s efforts in the crucial final.

Hazlewood’s injury woes have been quite extensive and have led to frustration. It all began with a side injury he suffered in the opening Test of the 2021-22 Ashes, which forced him to miss the remainder of the series. He made a comeback for a solitary Test in Pakistan but was not selected for the remaining matches of the 2022 series or the subsequent Sri Lanka tour. In the opening Test in Perth during the previous summer, he experienced another side strain. Upon his return to Sydney, an Achilles injury further hindered his participation, resulting in him being unable to take part in the India series. These series of injuries have undoubtedly been a source of disappointment and have hampered his availability for key matches.

Hazlewood maintains that the timing of his injuries has been the main challenge rather than any long-term issues. He emphasizes that despite not playing Test matches, he continues to bowl for almost 50 weeks out of the year. This constant bowling workload has been a source of frustration for him. However, he finds some solace in the fact that bowling in England has been comparatively less demanding in the past week. The use of the Dukes ball and the favorable conditions in England provide some respite when compared to the challenges faced while bowling in India or Australia. Hazlewood appreciates the relatively easier conditions and looks forward to making the most of them.

Hazlewood dismisses concerns that his recent setback in the IPL suggests a recurring issue ahead of the Ashes. He attributes the problem to the high intensity of the IPL and the technical complexities it presents. Hazlewood explains that the rigorous nature of the tournament can sometimes result in his body being in unfavorable positions from a technical standpoint, leading to discomfort. He acknowledges feeling some crunching sensation in his side and emphasizes the importance of being cautious and attentive to it. His statement underscores his awareness of the situation and his commitment to managing it carefully.

Hazlewood maintains an optimistic outlook, expressing his belief that he won’t require extensive management during the Ashes series. He points out that bowling innings in England are generally shorter compared to other conditions, which can provide some relief for bowlers. Additionally, the scheduling of back-to-back Tests allows for periods of rest and recovery between matches. Hazlewood sees these factors as potential sources of respite during the Ashes series, instilling confidence in his ability to perform without significant management interventions.

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