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Joan Ford’s Obituary & Cause Of Death: Who Was Joan Ford? What Happened to Joan Ford?

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Remembering Joan Ford and Arlene Howard

Remembering Joan Ford and Arlene Howard

News: The New York Yankees suffered a great loss recently when Joan Ford and Arlene Howard passed away. Joan Ford was the wife of Hall-of-Famer Whitey Ford, while Arlene Howard was a key figure during her husband Elston Howard’s four decades with the Yankees. Their contributions to the team were significant, and their legacies continue to be celebrated.

Joan Ford, A Source of Inspiration

Joan Ford was a remarkable woman who played a pivotal role in her husband Whitey Ford’s career. Throughout their seven-decade marriage, she provided unwavering support, standing by Whitey through thick and thin, and proving to be a vital support system for the legendary pitcher. Her dedication and strength mirrored that of her husband, leaving behind an enduring legacy of resilience and commitment.

Arlene Howard’s Enduring Influence

Arlene Howard continued to champion her husband Elston Howard’s legacy following his passing in 1980. For over four decades, she worked tirelessly to honor his memory and celebrate his contributions to the New York Yankees. Her determination and perseverance set an example for women in baseball, showcasing the enduring impact of her husband’s legacy.

A Tragic Loss

Joan Ford passed away at the age of 92, just over two years after Whitey’s passing, leaving behind a legacy of love and dedication. Similarly, Arlene Howard’s recent passing marks the end of an era, but her efforts ensured that Elston Howard’s name will endure in baseball history for generations to come.

The loss of Joan Ford and Arlene Howard deeply affects the New York Yankees community. Their unwavering support and contributions to the team’s success resonate even today, and their lives reflect an era filled with challenges, triumphs, and a steadfast devotion to both baseball and their partners. Their legacies will continue to be cherished, commemorating these incredible women from baseball’s golden era.


What were the contributions of Joan Ford and Arlene Howard to the New York Yankees?

Joan Ford and Arlene Howard played significant roles in supporting their husbands’ careers and honoring their legacies with the New York Yankees.

How did Arlene Howard continue to celebrate Elston Howard’s contributions?

Arlene Howard worked tirelessly for over four decades to honor her husband’s memory and celebrate his contributions to the New York Yankees.

What impact do Joan Ford and Arlene Howard’s legacies have on the New York Yankees community?

Their unwavering support and dedication continue to resonate within the New York Yankees community, commemorating their incredible contributions from baseball’s golden era.

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