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Jason Citron Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Salary & More

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Jason Citron Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Salary & More

Jason Citron

News: Jason Citron has built a reputation as a distinguished entrepreneur with a knack for spotting market voids and crafting inventive solutions. As the mastermind behind Discord, a widely used messaging and VoIP platform, he serves as both creator and CEO. Before Discord, Citron showcased his entrepreneurial talents by founding OpenFeint, a social gaming platform, and delving into the realm of game development. His trajectory from pioneering social gaming technology to transforming online communication underscores his visionary leadership and entrepreneurial acumen.

The Rise of Discord

Though the precise net worth of Jason Citron remains elusive, given Discord’s status as a privately held company, his financial standing has notably surged in recent times. Since its inception in 2015, Discord has undergone a meteoric rise, propelling Citron’s estimated net worth to $800 million in 2020 as per Forbes. The platform’s valuation soared to $7 billion in a recent investment round in late 2021, hinting at a continued upward trajectory for Citron’s wealth by 2024. This surge can be credited to the platform’s expanding user community and the broadening scope of its services.

Discord’s Financial Success

At the helm of Discord as its co-founder and CEO, Jason Citron spearheads a company handling sensitive financial data and boasting diverse revenue channels. Though specific financial particulars remain under wraps, Discord has unveiled noteworthy figures that illuminate its remarkable expansion. In 2022, the platform experienced a formidable 42% year-over-year revenue surge, reaching a substantial $445 million, showcasing robust business momentum. Furthermore, under Citron’s guidance, Discord’s Nitro subscription service has amassed a user base exceeding 17 million across various platforms, bolstering a significant and steady stream of recurring revenue.

From OpenFeint to Discord

Jason Citron embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2008, initiating it with the introduction of OpenFeint, a social gaming platform that ultimately led to a lucrative $100 million acquisition. Building upon this triumph, he ventured into game development, establishing Hammer and Chisel, a venture that would later evolve into Discord. Citron astutely tapped into the thriving gaming and esports realm, harnessing Discord’s capabilities, including game-specific servers and communities. Despite the closure of the storefront, Discord retained its robust standing and even thrived during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, witnessing a surge in usage.

A Promising Future

Jason Citron’s entrepreneurial odyssey highlights his knack for discerning market voids and crafting inventive solutions. As the CEO of Discord, his visionary leadership and entrepreneurial prowess shine through. The remarkable growth and diversification of Discord undoubtedly contribute to a substantial increase in Citron’s net worth. With the platform’s ongoing expansion of services and user base, the trajectory suggests that Citron’s wealth is poised for further augmentation in the years ahead.


Q: What marked the beginning of Jason Citron’s journey as an entrepreneur?

A: Jason Citron initiated his entrepreneurial path by introducing OpenFeint, a social gaming platform that eventually led to a $100 million acquisition.

Q: What was Discord’s revenue growth like?

A: Discord experienced a substantial 42% year-over-year revenue growth in 2022, reaching a total of $445 million.

Q: How many users are subscribed to Discord’s Nitro service?

A: Discord’s Nitro subscription service has garnered a significant user base, boasting over 17 million subscribers across different platforms.

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