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James Crowder’s Obituary & Cause Of Death, Who Was James Crowder? What Happened to James Crowder?

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James Crowder’s Obituary & Cause Of Death, Who Was James Crowder? What Happened to James Crowder?

Remembering Jim Crowder

News: James “Jim” Crowder, a cherished member of his community, peacefully passed away at the age of 81 on May 15, 2023. His life epitomized the strength of resilience, active participation in community affairs, and steadfast faith.

Early Years and Resilience

Born on February 1st in Independence, Missouri, Jim encountered numerous hurdles during his formative years. Diagnosed with polio at the tender age of four, he faced the loss of both his legs. Yet, far from succumbing to despair, this adversity ignited a fierce resolve within him. Despite his physical challenges, Jim pursued an active and meaningful life. Remarkably, he excelled in sports like wrestling and baseball. One particularly awe-inspiring feat was his ability to complete 50-yard dashes on crutches in just 13 seconds, leaving onlookers astounded by his unyielding spirit and refusal to allow his physical condition to define him.

Leaving Behind a Lasting Legacy

Jim’s departure leaves behind a legacy brimming with courage, love, and steadfast faith. He is survived by his devoted wife Patricia, his late son James Crowder III, his son Scott Crowder, his daughter Melody Crowder, as well as three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Furthermore, he leaves behind a multitude of nieces and nephews poised to perpetuate his narrative, ensuring that forthcoming generations draw inspiration from his resilience in the face of adversity, his unswerving commitment to family, and his unwavering faith.

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Unwavering Faith

Jim’s faith held profound importance in his life, as he was baptized into the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and he remained steadfast in his beliefs throughout his journey. His life followed a diverse trajectory, ranging from driving taxis to crafting award-winning chili and plum jelly. Jim’s talents were limitless. He collaborated with his father in the Crowder Custom Bailing business and derived immense joy from outdoor pursuits such as hunting and fishing with his loved ones. To Jim, the simple joys of life brought profound fulfillment.

A Life of Kindness and Generosity

On October 10, 1992, Jim united in marriage with Patricia, his beloved soulmate and companion for three decades. Despite confronting cancer treatments and enduring heart attacks in his later years, Jim’s spirit remained unshakeable. He frequently undertook tasks such as mowing the Leeton fairgrounds or offering assistance to his neighbors. Beyond physical labor, he extended kindness by preparing meals for those in need and offering transportation to individuals requiring assistance. Marked by his scooter, Jim’s presence became synonymous with attributes of compassion, hope, and resilience within his community.

Celebrating Jim’s Life

A memorial event honoring Jim will take place on Saturday, May 20, at 1 p.m. at the Chilhowee Restoration Branch in Chilhowee, Missouri. This gathering is intended not only to bid farewell to Jim but also to commemorate his remarkable life, defined by acts of kindness, generosity, and an unwavering faith that endured in the face of life’s trials.

Remembering Jim’s Spirit

Jim Crowder’s life was a testament to triumph over adversity, a dedication to embracing joy in every instance, and a profound influence on those he encountered through his acts of compassion. As we reflect on Jim’s legacy, let us perpetuate his unyielding spirit, his generosity, and his steadfast trust in the inherent goodness of humanity. Though Jim may have departed, his legacy will endure, serving as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come through the tales we recount of his extraordinary journey.


Q: What were some of Jim’s recreational interests?

A: Jim found pleasure in outdoor pursuits such as hunting and fishing.

Q: When is Jim’s memorial event scheduled?

A: The memorial event is slated for Saturday, May 20, at 1 p.m.

Q: In what ways can we pay tribute to Jim’s memory?

A: We can pay tribute to Jim’s memory by upholding his resilient spirit, his acts of kindness, and his steadfast trust in the inherent goodness of people.

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