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Is Wendy Williams Lesbian Rumors True? Gender And Sexuality

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Is Wendy Williams Lesbian Rumors True? Gender And Sexuality

Unmasking the Truth: Wendy Williams' Sexual Orientation and Personal Life

News: Wendy Williams, the well-known American media personality, has consistently captured public attention. Amidst her achievements as an author, broadcaster, and media figure, speculations have emerged concerning her sexual orientation, specifically focusing on rumors surrounding her purported lesbianism. This article aims to delve into Wendy Williams’ history, dispel the rumors, and examine her personal life, offering a comprehensive insight into her sexual orientation..

Wendy Williams: A Brief Background:

Born on July 18, 1964, Wendy Williams initially gained popularity through her work on the radio before transitioning to television. Known for her candid conversations and arguments with celebrities, she earned the nickname “shock jock” in New York City. Williams expanded her reach beyond broadcasting, delving into writing books, comedy, acting, and even launching her own fashion, jewelry, and wig brands. Recognizing her significant contributions to radio, her hometown honored her by renaming the street where she was born to Wendy Williams Way. In 2009, her induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame further solidified her legacy.

Addressing the Lesbian Rumors:

Despite widespread media attention and Williams’ own admissions to the contrary, she has consistently refuted any romantic involvement with Robyn Crawford, Whitney Houston’s former girlfriend. Addressing the rumors on her show, “The Wendy Williams Show,” Williams explicitly denied being a lesbian, stating, “I am not a lesbian.” She emphasized her attraction to men by expressing, “I like guys, and I just like the D.” The origin of the rumors can be traced back to an article suggesting Williams sought female companionship through Crawford. Nevertheless, Williams dismissed these assertions as untrue, firmly asserting her heterosexual orientation.

Williams’ Stance on LGBTQ+ Community and Crawford’s Marital Status:

While Williams expressed her respect for the LGBTQ+ community, she clarified that she does not share their romantic preferences. In addition, she highlighted Robyn Crawford’s marital status and family, emphasizing, “I’m not a home wrecker!” Unlike Williams, Crawford is a producer, writer, and close friend of Whitney Houston, and she has not identified as a lesbian. She has her own family, further supporting the platonic nature of their relationship. Despite both Williams and Crawford asserting this during their interview on Williams’ show, the rumors may have persisted due to misinterpretation or speculation.

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Williams’ Openness about Her Sexual Orientation:

Wendy Williams, a prominent television personality and former radio host, consistently identifies as a woman. Throughout her public life, she has openly shared details about her sexual orientation, expressing a clear preference for male companionship. Her enduring marriage to Kevin Hunter, which lasted over two decades and resulted in the birth of their son, serves as additional evidence of her heterosexual orientation.

Despite rumors and speculation about Wendy Williams’ sexual orientation, particularly regarding suggestions of her being a lesbian, she has unequivocally refuted such claims. Her firm denial, coupled with her enduring marriage and commitment to raising their son with Kevin Hunter, reinforces her identified heterosexual orientation. When discussing an individual’s personal life, it is crucial to rely on accurate information and respect their self-identification.


1. Do the speculations about Wendy Williams being a lesbian hold any truth?

No, Wendy Williams has categorically refuted such rumors and openly stated her attraction to men.

2. How does Wendy Williams view the LGBTQ+ community?

Wendy Williams holds respect for the LGBTQ+ community, although her own romantic preferences do not align with theirs.

3. Is there tangible evidence supporting Wendy Williams’ heterosexual orientation?

Wendy Williams has been in a enduring marriage with Kevin Hunter, and their shared parenthood of a son provides clear indication of her romantic interest in men.

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