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Is The Abyss on Netflix Based on a True Story?

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Is The Abyss on Netflix Based on a True Story?

Is The Abyss on Netflix Based on a True Story

News: The Netflix movie “The Abyss” is indeed rooted in a true story, albeit with some artistic liberties introduced for dramatic flair. The film is inspired by actual occurrences in Kiruna, Sweden, in May 2020, where seismic activity triggered by mining operations led to an earthquake. While the movie’s events and characters are fictional, they are firmly rooted in the factual context of Kiruna’s challenging circumstances.


“The Abyss” tells the story of Frigga, a security manager working at the Kiirunavaara mine in Kiruna. Her job is to ensure the safety of the mine while also taking care of her family. However, one day, everything goes wrong when their city begins to crumble and fall into the mine.


In “The Abyss,” the main cast includes Tuva Novotny portraying Frigga Vibenius, Kardo Razzazi as Dabir Ayobi, Felicia Maxime taking on the role of Mika Vibenius, and Peter Franzen playing Tage Vibenius.

Release Date

Netflix users gained access to “The Abyss” for streaming on September 15, 2023

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Watch “The Abyss” on Netflix

To watch “The Abyss” on Netflix, simply open the Netflix app or visit their website and search for the movie. Once located, you can commence streaming immediately, offering the convenience of enjoying the film from the comfort of your home. So, gather some snacks, get comfortable, and immerse yourself in the captivating tale of Frigga and the Kiruna mine disaster.

While “The Abyss” on Netflix isn’t purely based on a true story, it takes inspiration from real events in Kiruna, Sweden. The movie delves into the challenges faced by Frigga, a security manager at a mine, as she strives to safeguard her family amid a city in turmoil. With its compelling storyline, skilled cast, and accessibility on Netflix, “The Abyss” ensures a captivating viewing experience.


Q: Is “The Abyss” a documentary?

A: No, “The Abyss” is not a documentary. It is a fictional movie based on real events, with creative liberties taken for dramatic purposes.

Q: Can I stream “The Abyss” on Netflix outside of Sweden?

A: Yes, “The Abyss” is available for streaming on Netflix worldwide, and you can watch it from any location with a Netflix subscription.

Q: Are there real-life heroes depicted in “The Abyss”?

A: While the characters in “The Abyss” are fictional, they draw inspiration from the courageous individuals who faced the Kiruna mine disaster in real life.

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