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Is Tage Thompson Married? Is His Wife Battling Cancer?

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Tage Thompson’s Wife: A Dancer’s Triumph Over Cancer and Their Journey Together

Tage Thompson's Wife: A Dancer's Triumph Over Cancer and Their Journey Together

News: Tage Thompson, a professional ice hockey center, has a remarkable and inspiring story of resilience and love. His wife, Rachel Stackpole, a passionate dancer, faced and triumphed over bone cancer. This article delves into Rachel’s journey and their incredible love story, showcasing their strength in overcoming challenges and their accomplishments both on and off the ice.

Rachel Stackpole – A Passionate Dancer from Tolland, Connecticut

Rachel Stackpole, originally from Tolland, Connecticut, is a talented and passionate dancer. From a young age, she discovered her love for dance and actively competed throughout her elementary and high school years. Not only did she showcase her skills as a dancer, but she also assisted at her home-run dance studio, helping to train other competitive dancers. Rachel’s dedication to dance continued during her time at the University of Connecticut, where she was a member of the dance team and dance company, honing her talents further.

Love and Long-Distance – Tage and Rachel’s Relationship

Following her graduation in 2019, Rachel faced the challenge of maintaining a long-distance relationship with Tage Thompson, who was pursuing his hockey career. Despite the distance, their love and commitment to each other persevered. Their love story is a testament to their resilience and dedication to each other.

Triumph Over Cancer – Rachel’s Battle with Chondrosarcoma

In 2018, Rachel Stackpole received a devastating diagnosis of Chondrosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Initially dismissing the pain in her right leg as an old injury, an MRI revealed the presence of cancer. Rachel underwent surgery to remove a tumor above her right knee, successfully eliminating the cancer. Her resilience and strength throughout this challenging time were remarkable.

A Love That Endures – Tage’s Support Through Rachel’s Cancer Journey

Tage Thompson stood by Rachel’s side throughout her cancer journey. He faced the emotional weight of the situation but remained a pillar of support for his wife. Their love and strength as a couple were evident in their determination to overcome this challenge together.

Rachel’s Dedication to Dance – Transitioning to Barre Fitness Classes

After conquering cancer, Rachel’s dedication to dance found a new path. She transitioned into instructing barre fitness classes at Relevé Dance Company. Her passion for dance continued to shine through as she imparted her knowledge and skills to others.

Rachel’s Age and Accomplishments

As of July 2023, Rachel Thompson is 26 years old. Born on March 23, 1997, Rachel’s youthfulness is a testament to her impressive achievements in both dancing and overcoming cancer. She has already accomplished so much at a young age.

The Arrival of Baby Brooks – A New Chapter for Tage and Rachel

Tage Thompson and Rachel celebrated the arrival of their first child, a son named Brooks Nathaniel Thompson, on July 6, 2022. This joyous event marked their first wedding anniversary and brought immense happiness to their lives. The Thompson family embarked on the journey of parenthood together, deepening their bond and creating a stronger foundation for their future.

Tage Thompson – An Accomplished Ice Hockey Center

Tage Thompson, born on October 30, 1997, is an accomplished American professional ice hockey center. He currently plays for the Buffalo Sabres in the National Hockey League (NHL). Before his NHL career, Thompson showcased his skills in collegiate hockey at the University of Connecticut. His journey in hockey has been marked by adaptability, resilience, and contributions both on and off the ice.

Triumph and Growth – Tage Thompson’s Hockey Journey

Tage Thompson’s hockey journey is filled with triumphs and growth. Starting with the U.S. National Development Team and the United States Hockey League, he excelled in collegiate hockey with Connecticut in the Hockey East conference. Thompson also achieved international success, earning a gold medal in the IIHF World Junior U20 Championship with Team USA. His NHL career includes accomplishments such as multiple hat-tricks, a 40-goal season, and becoming the first Sabres player in over a decade to reach 90 points in a season.

Tage Thompson and his wife, Rachel, exemplify resilience, love, and determination in the face of challenges. Rachel’s triumph over cancer is a testament to her strength, and their love story showcases their commitment to each other. As they continue their journey together, both on and off the ice, their accomplishments and unwavering support for one another inspire others.


Q: How did Rachel Stackpole discover her love for dance?

A: Rachel Stackpole discovered her love for dance at a young age.

Q: When did Rachel Stackpole transition into instructing barre fitness classes?

A: Rachel Stackpole transitioned into instructing barre fitness classes after conquering cancer.

Q: What are some of Tage Thompson’s accomplishments in hockey?

A: Tage Thompson has achieved multiple hat-tricks, a 40-goal season, and became the first Sabres player in over a decade to reach 90 points in a season.

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