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Is Ruby Franke Mormon? Religion explored – News

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Is Ruby Franke Mormon? Religion explored – News

Investigation Into the Religious Beliefs of Ruby Franke and the Controversial Content on 8 Passengers YouTube Channel


News: In recent news, there has been a growing concern regarding the religious beliefs of Ruby Franke, a former family YouTube vlogger. Ruby, along with her husband and six children, documented their daily lives on the channel called 8 Passengers. However, the channel has come under scrutiny for its controversial content and suspected affiliations with the Mormon Church or the LDS Church. This article aims to explore Ruby Franke’s religious background and shed light on the disturbing events shown in her videos, which have caused an uproar among viewers.

Ruby Franke’s Arrest and Involvement with the LDS Church

On August 30, Ruby Franke was arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse. This led many to question her ties to the Mormon Church, as the Franke family was known to be members of the LDS Church. Ruby started her YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, in 2015, where she shared glimpses of her family life. However, in 2023, she closed down the channel and started another one called ConneXions, in partnership with Jodi Hilderbrandt, a therapist. This second channel focused on supporting groups of moms, discussing parenting principles, and advocating for homeschooling.

Controversial Content on 8 Passengers YouTube Channel

During Ruby Franke’s arrest, concerns were raised about the content on her new channels. Viewers began accusing the Franke family of being a cult, as they expressed homophobic, transphobic, and ableist views in their videos. These disturbing events were shared online, causing shock and outrage among audiences. In November 2022, a Reddit user compared Ruby Franke’s YouTube channel with another Mormon family, The LeRoys, noting the differences in parenting styles and mental health discussions. The Franke family was described as more rigid and strict with their children, imposing restrictions on their activities.

Exploring the LeRoy Family

To understand the contrasting parenting styles, it is essential to delve into the lives of The LeRoy family. Unlike the Franke family, The LeRoys openly discussed their mental health struggles and had a more relaxed approach towards raising their children. The mother in the LeRoy family was known for her deep and friendly relationship with her children, fostering a well-behaved environment. This comparison further highlighted the extreme and old-fashioned practices observed in the Franke family, which contributed to the allegations of being a cult.

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The Impact of Ruby Franke’s Actions on Mormonism

The association of Ruby Franke and her family with the Mormon Church has raised questions about the influence of their controversial content on the perception of Mormonism as a whole. While it is crucial to remember that the Franke family’s views may not reflect the beliefs of the entire Mormon community, the negative attention directed towards them has the potential to shape public opinion. It is essential for religious communities to address such controversies and differentiate themselves from individuals who may misrepresent their faith.


The investigation into Ruby Franke’s religious beliefs and the controversial content on the 8 Passengers YouTube channel has shed light on the challenges faced within the Mormon community. The allegations of being a cult, along with the expressions of homophobia, transphobia, and ableism, have sparked outrage among viewers. It is crucial for religious communities to address these issues, disassociate themselves from individuals who may misrepresent their faith, and foster an environment of acceptance and understanding. As the investigation continues, it is important to separate the actions of individuals from the broader beliefs of religious institutions to maintain a fair and unbiased perspective.

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