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Is New Game Plus Included in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

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Is New Game Plus Included in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

Does Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Have New Game Plus?

News: Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth includes the New Game Plus feature, enabling players to replay the game with their existing inventory and progress intact. It’s worth mentioning that this feature is exclusive to the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of the game, and players with the Standard Edition won’t have access to New Game Plus.

Game Overview

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth marks the much-anticipated ninth entry in the beloved Yakuza series, crafted by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega. Acting as a direct sequel to the highly praised Yakuza: Like a Dragon (2020) and the spin-off Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (2023), the game continues the narrative journey of Ichiban Kasuga, the protagonist from the previous installment, alongside the iconic Kazuma Kiryu, the original series protagonist.

Exciting Adventure in Hawaii

In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, players will embark on a thrilling adventure set in Hawaii, the franchise’s first-ever overseas locale. They will navigate through both familiar Japanese settings and the exotic landscapes of Hawaii as they join Kasuga and Kiryu in their quest. Kasuga is on a mission to reunite with his long-lost mother in Hawaii, while Kiryu faces his own battle with cancer. The game promises a rich narrative that explores themes of family, friendship, and survival.

Replay Value with New Game Plus

The inclusion of New Game Plus in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth adds replay value to the game. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is not available in the Standard Edition. It is exclusively offered in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions. Previously, New Game Plus was a free feature accessible to all players after completing the main storyline in other Yakuza titles. In this case, SEGA has chosen to make New Game Plus part of the Master Vacation DLC bundle, which is only accessible through the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions.

Master Vacation DLC Bundle

With the Master Vacation bundle, players can leverage their clear data from Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth for a New Game Plus experience. This mode introduces three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Legend. In addition to New Game Plus, the bundle features a fresh narrative titled the Big Swell, along with special outfits and items.

Accessing New Game Plus

To access New Game Plus and experience the replaying feature, players will need to invest in at least the Deluxe Edition, which is priced $15 higher than the Standard Edition. The Standard Edition is priced at $69.99/£69.99.

Gameplay Features

In terms of gameplay, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth retains the turn-based combat system introduced in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Players can strategically utilize different “jobs” for each character, providing unique abilities and playstyles. Kiryu’s exclusive job, “Dragon of Dojima,” allows him to switch between various fighting styles. The game also brings back the Poundmates summon system, which allows players to call upon various characters to assist them in battle. Additionally, players can enjoy beloved minigames like Karaoke, Darts, and Mahjong, as well as new ones like Crazy Delivery, Sujimon Battle, and Miss Match.

Side Activities and Experiences

Major side activities include Happy Resort Dondoko Island, where Kasuga manages his own resort, and Kiryu’s Bucket List, focused on reuniting with old friends and allies. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth promises a blend of nostalgia and innovation, offering diverse and entertaining experiences.

Worldwide Release

Set for a global launch on January 26, 2024, the game, developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega, seeks to enthrall players with its compelling gameplay and immersive narrative. The release will be simultaneous across multiple platforms, encompassing PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Complex Narrative and Immersive Experience

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth weaves a complex and intertwining narrative that follows the journey of Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu. Set in dynamic locations such as Yokohama’s Isezaki Ijincho and the picturesque Honolulu, Hawaii, the story begins when Kasuga receives a tip about his presumed-deceased mother’s existence in Honolulu. Kiryu, on the other hand, is tasked with finding Akane by the Daidoji faction. The two protagonists join forces to protect Akane from local criminal organizations, setting the stage for a thrilling adventure.

Diverse Cast of Characters

The game boasts a diverse ensemble of characters, blending familiar faces from Yakuza: Like a Dragon with fresh additions like Seonhee, Eric Tomizawa, and Chitose Fujinomiya. Its narrative delves into themes of family, friendship, and loyalty, providing players with a rich and emotionally charged storyline. The inclusion of both beloved characters and new locales ensures that Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth delivers an immersive gaming experience.

The game promises an exhilarating adventure with its engaging gameplay, compelling narrative, and the added bonus of the New Game Plus feature. Fans can anticipate immersing themselves in the eagerly awaited ninth installment of the acclaimed Yakuza series, set to launch on January 26, 2024.


A: No, New Game Plus is not included in the Standard Edition; it is exclusively available in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions.

Q: What does the Master Vacation DLC bundle encompass?

A: The Master Vacation DLC bundle incorporates New Game Plus, the Big Swell story, special outfits, and additional items.

Q: What is the price of the Deluxe Edition in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

A: The Deluxe Edition is priced $15 higher than the Standard Edition, totaling $69.99/£69.99.

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