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Is Maxie Departing from General Hospital? What’s the Reason Behind Maxie’s Exit from the Show?

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Is Maxie Jones Leaving General Hospital Permanently?

Is Maxie Jones Leaving General Hospital Permanently?

News: No, Maxie Jones is not permanently leaving General Hospital. There was a recent temporary recast with actress Nicole Paggi, but Kirsten Storms is expected to return soon. Maxie’s departure is part of a storyline involving challenges with Peter, his crimes, and the need to protect her baby.

Temporary Recast of Maxie Jones

Maxie Jones, a beloved character on General Hospital, is not leaving the show permanently. However, there have been instances where the role of Maxie was temporarily recast. The most recent recasting occurred on the December 27, 2023 episode when actress Nicole Paggi stepped in for Kirsten Storms. This temporary recasting was for a brief period, and Kirsten Storms is anticipated to reclaim the role in the near future. Maxie has been temporarily recast before as well, with different actresses filling in during Kirsten Storms’ medical leaves.

Maxie’s Departure and the Intriguing Storyline

Maxie’s departure from General Hospital is part of an intriguing storyline within the show. In this recent plot, Maxie faced numerous challenges, including complications with Peter, the revelation of his crimes, and the need to protect her baby. These circumstances led to a complex plan involving a baby swap, deceit, and a temporary exit from Port Charles. The character’s departure was driven by the twists and turns of the narrative, creating suspense and drama for viewers. It’s important to note that the departure is a fictional storyline development and not a real-life decision made by the actress.

About Maxie Jones

Maxie Jones is a fictional character portrayed in the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She is the daughter of supercouple Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings and was primarily raised by Mac Scorpio. The character was first played by Robyn Richards for eleven years, from 1993 to 2004. Kirsten Storms then took over the role in 2005. Maxie is known for her complex storylines, which encompass relationships, family dynamics, and various challenges she encounters in the fictional town of Port Charles. Throughout the years, Maxie has become a beloved and enduring character on General Hospital, captivating viewers with her personality and involvement in the show’s dramatic plots.

About Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms, the actress who portrays Maxie Jones, is an American actress born on 8 April 1984 in Orlando, Florida. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 1996. Storms gained early fame for her roles in the Zenon trilogy, Johnny Tsunami, and as Bonnie Rockwaller in Kim Possible. From 1999 to 2004, she played Isabella “Belle” Black on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. In 2005, Kirsten Storms joined the cast of General Hospital as Maxie Jones, a role that has garnered notable acclaim. Her talents in acting have earned her recognition, including an Emmy nomination for her portrayal in General Hospital in 2009. Kirsten Storms was previously married to Brandon Barash, and they have a daughter named Harper Rose Barash.

The Temporary Recast: Nicole Paggi

The new Maxie on General Hospital is Nicole Paggi, a talented primetime actress known for her roles in shows like Hope & Faith and CSI. Nicole Paggi temporarily stepped into the role, taking over from Kirsten Storms for a brief period. While this is her first soap opera role, Paggi has a background in television, including her work in various series. Temporary recasting is not uncommon in soap operas, and Nicole Paggi’s portrayal of Maxie brought a new dimension to the character during Kirsten Storms’ absence. Viewers can expect Kirsten Storms to resume her role as Maxie in the near future, as indicated by the show’s promos.


Q: Is Maxie Jones permanently leaving General Hospital?

A: No, Maxie Jones is not permanently leaving General Hospital. There was a recent temporary recast, but Kirsten Storms is expected to return soon.

Q: Who is playing Maxie Jones during the temporary recast?

A: Actress Nicole Paggi stepped in for Kirsten Storms during the temporary recasting.

Q: Will Kirsten Storms return to General Hospital as Maxie Jones?

A: Yes, Kirsten Storms is anticipated to reclaim the role of Maxie in the near future.

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