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Is Bonnie Hoellein Arrested? Instagram Video and Reddit Update – News

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Is Bonnie Hoellein Arrested? Instagram Video and Reddit Update

Fact Check: Bonnie Hoellein Arrest Rumors


News: The internet has been flooded with rumors about the arrest of Bonnie Hoellein, leaving many people scrambling for information. In this article, we will provide the latest updates and information surrounding Bonnie Hoellein’s legal situation. The rumors started circulating after news broke out about the arrest of her sister, Ruby Franke, in connection with child abuse. We will address whether Bonnie Hoellein has responded to these arrest rumors and Ruby Franke’s arrest news. It is important to note that Bonnie Hoellein herself has not been arrested. Let’s delve into the details and put an end to the speculation.

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Who Is Bonnie Hoellein?

Before we proceed, let’s take a closer look at who Bonnie Hoellein is. She is a well-known personality on social media, particularly on YouTube. Bonnie gained notoriety through her family’s Vlog channel, where they share their daily lives and experiences. Her vlogs cover various topics, including travel, lifestyle, and food. However, it is important to clarify that Bonnie Hoellein has not been arrested, contrary to the rumors circulating online.

Ruby Franke’s Arrest

The arrest of Bonnie Hoellein’s sister, Ruby Franke, has been the catalyst for these arrest rumors. Ruby, a former family Vlogger, ran the popular YouTube channel 8 Passengers, which had over 2.5 million subscribers. However, her channel has since been deleted. Ruby Franke was arrested on August 31, 2023, in connection with child abuse charges. Alongside her, Jodi Hildebrandt, her business partner, was also arrested.

Bonnie Hoellein’s Response

Following her sister’s arrest, Bonnie Hoellein posted an emotional video on YouTube. However, the video has since been turned private. In the video, Bonnie expresses her shock and disbelief, emphasizing the strong bond among her sisters. She mentions that they have supported each other for the past three years and that none of them could have foreseen these events. Bonnie clarifies that they have acted within the bounds of the law and tried to do everything possible. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can often lead to unexpected outcomes.

Clarifying Bonnie’s Arrest Status

Despite the rumors swirling on the internet, it is important to reiterate that Bonnie Hoellein herself has not been arrested. The arrest was limited to her sister, Ruby Franke, and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt. It is crucial to refrain from spreading false information and verify the facts before jumping to conclusions.

Ruby Franke’s Charges

Ruby Franke faces two counts of second-degree aggravated child abuse, according to reports. These charges carry severe legal consequences. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has officially confirmed Ruby Franke’s arrest by listing her as in custody. These charges are serious allegations that demand a thorough investigation and fair legal proceedings.

Support and Understanding

The situation surrounding Ruby Franke’s arrest is undoubtedly challenging for Bonnie Hoellein and her family. It is important to approach these situations with empathy and understanding. It is human nature to feel disappointed and shocked when someone we love faces serious allegations. The Hoellein family’s priority should be supporting each other during this difficult time.

Impact on Bonnie Hoellein’s Online Presence

These arrest rumors may have a significant impact on Bonnie Hoellein’s online presence, given her association with Ruby Franke and her popular YouTube channel. Fans and viewers are likely feeling confused and concerned about the future of Bonnie’s content. It is essential to remember that Bonnie Hoellein is not responsible for her sister’s actions. She should be given an opportunity to address the situation and determine the best path forward for her family and her online presence.


In conclusion, the rumors surrounding Bonnie Hoellein’s arrest have been debunked, clarifying that she has not been arrested. The arrest was limited to her sister, Ruby Franke, and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt. It is crucial to approach such situations with empathy and refrain from spreading false information. Our thoughts go out to Bonnie Hoellein and her family during this challenging time. We hope for a fair and just legal process for all parties involved.

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