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I Am Nobody Chinese Drama Episode 2 Release Date : Spoilers, Streaming, Recap, Schedule & Where To Watch?

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Recap & Ending for Episode 2 of “I Am Nobody” Chinese Drama

Recap & Ending for Episode 2 of 'I Am Nobody' Chinese Drama

News: In the second installment of “I Am Nobody,” Wang Ye reflects on the influence of the past on the present and its potential for predicting the future. He discusses the Jiashen year concept and inquires with his grandmaster about their experience with train travel.

The episode opens with villagers approaching Zhang Xilin with accusations that Zhang Chulan had assaulted their children. Zhang Xilin assigns blame to Zhang Chulan for an incident involving a child getting electrocuted, and he extends his apologies to the villagers. He acknowledges his grandson’s wrongdoing and pledges to make amends for the injuries incurred.

I Am Nobody Chinese Drama Episode 2 Release Date 

In an attempt to address their financial predicament, Zhang Xilin devises a strategy to borrow money from his relatives. However, the madam reminds him of Zhang Chulan’s lack of a father. In response, Zhang Chulan makes a move to approach the madam, but Zhang Xilin intervenes, preventing him from doing so. He then proceeds to reassure the villagers, promising to repay their debts, even if it entails seeking assistance from loan sharks. Zhang Xilin humbly bows to the villagers, earnestly seeking their trust.

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Zhang Xilin recalls what he had previously told Zhang Chulan about enduring bullying. He slaps Zhang Chulan and asks if he has endured it. Zhang Chulan admits that he couldn’t endure it, and as a result, Zhang Xilin takes away his toy and makes a leash out of it.

Zhang Xilin hits Zhang Chulan with the leash, causing him pain. He tells him to hit himself if he cannot endure it. While he praises Zhang Chulan for helping Xiao Yu, he points out that he has gotten into another fight and suggests that they should move out once again.

As they travel in a carriage, Zhang Xilin promises to cook elbow noodles for Zhang Chulan once they reach their new home. However, Zhang Chulan confesses that he is not hungry and wonders if he has a father. Zhang Xilin assures him that his father will come to pick him up when he grows up. Zhang Chulan questions why they need to move out every time he gets into a fight with someone else. Zhang Xilin promises to explain when he is older and mentions that he doesn’t know how many years he can be with Zhang Chulan due to his old age. Zhang Chulan hits himself with the lash, and Zhang Xilin tells him to endure it.

I Am Nobody Chinese Drama Episode 2 Streaming, Recap, Schedule & Where To Watch

Meanwhile, within the village, gossip about the “undress flying hero” circulates as Zhang Chulan passes through. Feng Baobao approaches Zhang Chulan, inquiring if he was the hero, but he vehemently denies it. Instead, he mentions being struck by a basketball, to which a guy claims responsibility. Zhang Chulan, with a gracious disposition, tells the guy that it’s no big deal. However, the guy then asks him to retrieve the basketball. After complying with the request, Zhang Chulan succumbs to tears and administers self-inflicted lashings, recalling his father’s counsel about luck soaring when one cannot endure hardships.

A girl named Yan Yan from the village adds Zhang Chulan as a friend and initiates a conversation with him. She suggests teaching him how to skate, to which he agrees. During Zhang Chulan’s skating lesson, Feng Baobao suddenly appears and invites him to accompany her to see someone. However, Zhang Chulan declines, citing other pressing matters. Feng Baobao presents him with an intriguing undress photo and dismisses his explanation, urging him to await her call.

Concurrently, Yan Yan also contacts Zhang Chulan, offering to showcase her skating prowess. He accepts her proposal, and she sends him a video demonstration. The episode culminates with Zhang Chulan expressing surprise to Feng Baobao that she turned out to be a good person. In response, she rebukes him, claiming his misfortune stems from his naivety, and orders the workers to let him go. She firmly believes that he was foolish to believe that a girl had genuine feelings for him.

In summary, episode 2 of “I Am Nobody” delves deeper into Zhang Chulan’s challenging life and his encounters with bullying. It also introduces Yan Yan, a character who piques Zhang Chulan’s interest. As the narrative progresses, viewers are left to ponder how Zhang Chulan will navigate his difficulties and whether he will find solace in his relationships.


Q: Is it possible for Zhang Chulan’s father to come and pick him up?

A: The likelihood of Zhang Chulan’s father arriving to pick him up remains uncertain, given Zhang Xilin’s statement that he cannot predict how many more years he can spend with Zhang Chulan due to his advanced age.

Q: Who is Yan Yan?

A: Yan Yan is a resident of the village who befriends Zhang Chulan and kindly offers to teach him how to skate.

Q: How does Zhang Chulan cope with bullying?

A: Zhang Chulan struggles to cope with bullying and often resorts to self-inflicted harm as a means of dealing with the torment he faces.

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