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Hungry Mermaids In Skull And Bones: How to Complete Mission?

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Hungry Mermaids Skull and Bones: How to Complete the Mission?

Hungry Mermaids Skull and Bones

News: In the immersive realm of “Hungry Mermaids Contract,” an exhilarating quest known as “Skull and Bones” unfolds within the eerie landscape of “The Necropolis.” Amidst the treacherous Naga Coast in the East Indies, smugglers find themselves grappling with depleted provisions following a ruthless assault by the DMC. Charged with the pivotal role, protagonist Sam must embark on a mission to reclaim the pilfered cargo and restore hope to the beleaguered smugglers.

The Restitution: The Next Mission

The subsequent mission, named “Hungry Mermaids: The Restitution,” commences within The Outpost of the Necropolis, where the DMC has recently plundered the smugglers. In a pivotal cutscene, the Overseas Smugglers’ vendor implores Sam to salvage any valuables while they handle the aftermath. The primary objective of this quest is to locate and recover the stolen goods, stashing them away in the secret cache of the smugglers. Furthermore, Sam must uncover a crucial clue from the smuggler that directs them to a clandestine drop-off point. To successfully accomplish the mission, Sam is tasked with gathering a total of 20 Nutmegs in accordance with the provided clue.

Steps to Complete the Mission

To efficiently execute the mission, adhere to these streamlined instructions. Begin by accessing the map and plotting a course towards The Necropolis situated along the Naga Coast. Upon arrival, navigate the shoreline until you encounter the Overseas Smuggler stationed conveniently on the right side. Initiate dialogue with the Smuggler using the assigned key on your device, and accept any available contracts, particularly those aligned with “Hungry Mermaids.”

Refer to the map once more and journey northward to Oosten Capital. Within Oosten Capital, procure 20 nutmegs from the vendor in preparation for your expedition. Upon reaching the Lost City of Prei, inspect the treasure map to unveil the exact hiding spot for the nutmegs. Delve into the depths of the city, traversing ancient gates, until you locate the designated concealment point. Employ the designated key to conceal the nutmegs precisely as indicated on the treasure map, ensuring meticulous placement in accordance with the quest’s directives.

Skull and Bones Gameplay

In the dynamic world of Skull and Bones gameplay, players are thrust into the role of a formidable pirate captain, offering a distinct experience from the ship management mechanics found in Sea of Thieves. Unlike its counterpart, Skull and Bones grants players full control over every aspect of their pirate vessel, encompassing navigation, combat strategies, and crew management. This immersive gameplay style draws parallels to the naval segments showcased in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag but has undergone significant refinement and enhancement over a nine-year period.

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One of the standout features of Skull and Bones is its expansive game world, boasting a sprawling map that spans a staggering 625 square kilometers. This vast expanse eclipses the scale of Ubisoft’s previous title, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which already boasted a substantial map size of 255 square kilometers. The map in Skull and Bones is intricately divided into five primary regions, each offering its own unique challenges and opportunities for exploration: The Red Isle, The Coast of Africa, The East Indies, The Open Seas, and additional areas (currently inaccessible).

Upon the triumphant delivery of the 20 Nutmegs retrieved from ‘The Lost City of Prei’, the mission reaches its conclusion. As a token of appreciation for accomplishing the task in ‘Hungry Mermaids: The Restitution’, Sam is rewarded with a fashionable set of clothing and 1500 silver coins.

The mission “Skull and Bones” within the game “Hungry Mermaids Contract” offers players an exhilarating journey to recover pilfered goods and securely stash them in the smugglers’ covert cache. By diligently following the outlined steps and navigating the expansive map in Skull and Bones, players can indulge in a gratifying gameplay experience.


Q1: How many nutmegs are required to gather in the quest “Hungry Mermaids: The Restitution”?

A1: To successfully finish the mission, you’ll need to gather a total of 20 nutmegs.

Q2: What are the rewards for completing the mission “Hungry Mermaids: The Restitution” in Skull and Bones?

A2: Upon completing the mission, you’ll be rewarded with a set of clothing and 1500 silver coins.

A3: Skull and Bones offers players the role of a pirate captain with full control over navigation, combat, and crew management.

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