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How to Use the 99 Boxes XP Glitch in Payday 3: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How To Level Up Weapons and Skills Fast in Payday 3: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Level Up Weapons and Skills Fast in Payday 3

The 99 Boxes XP Glitch

News: If you’re a dedicated Payday 3 player looking to rapidly enhance your weapon and skill levels, you might be interested in the “99 Boxes XP glitch.” This exploit allows you to accelerate your in-game progression through a straightforward process, offering a significant advantage in your quest to level up quickly.

Performing the Glitch

To execute the 99 Boxes XP glitch, begin by successfully completing the 99 Boxes heist, whether through stealth or with a loud approach. When you reach the escape zone, perform a repetitive action of entering and exiting a white box for approximately 2-3 minutes. This manipulation tricks the game into awarding you heist XP repeatedly, facilitating the rapid leveling up of your equipped weapons to their maximum potential. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and discretion when utilizing this glitch, as it can only be employed once per heist.

Risks Involved

The 99 Boxes XP glitch is not officially endorsed by the game, which means there is a potential risk of receiving a ban if you decide to employ it. Nevertheless, numerous players have reported using this glitch without encountering any adverse consequences. If you’re willing to assume the associated risk, the 99 Boxes XP glitch can serve as an efficient method for swiftly enhancing your weapon and skill levels in Payday 3.

Understanding the 99 Boxes XP Glitch

The 99 Boxes XP Glitch presents a straightforward method for players to acquire an unlimited quantity of weapon XP within Payday 3. To execute this glitch successfully, it is essential to carry out specific escape procedures exclusively during the 99 Boxes heist.

Using the Glitch in Payday 3

To utilize the 99 Boxes XP glitch in Payday 3, adhere to these instructions:

1. Commence the 99 Boxes heist and advance through it until you approach the escape zone.

2. Upon entering the escape zone, repeatedly step in and out of the white box.

3. The game will interpret this action as multiple heist completions, bestowing XP for each repetition.

4. Persist in stepping in and out of the white box until you’ve accumulated your desired amount of XP.

5. Finally, conclude the heist to claim your XP rewards.

Tips for Using the Glitch More Effectively

To optimize your experience with the 99 Boxes XP glitch, keep these suggestions in mind:

1. Employ a suppressed weapon to evade detection by guards.
2. Outfit your character with skills that enhance stealth and movement speed.
3. Make efficient use of the zipline to swiftly reach the escape zone.
4. Exercise caution to abstain from interacting with objects or guards while executing the glitch.

The 99 Boxes XP glitch serves as a convenient method for players to amass an unlimited amount of weapon XP in Payday 3. While it offers an expedited means of leveling up, it’s essential to exercise caution due to potential risks, such as the risk of facing bans. Exercise discretion when using this glitch to enhance your overall gameplay experience in Payday 3.

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Can I use the 99 Boxes XP glitch in any heist?

No, the 99 Boxes XP glitch can only be performed during the 99 Boxes heist.

Is there a chance of getting banned if I use the glitch?

While the glitch is not officially supported by the game, many players have reported using it without any issues. However, there is always a risk of getting banned when using exploits.

How can I maximize my weapon and skill gains using the glitch?

By using a silenced weapon, equipping stealth and movement speed skills, utilizing the zipline, and avoiding interactions with objects or guards, you can enhance your experience with the 99 Boxes XP glitch in Payday 3.

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