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How to unlock the chest in the Hunter Vault in Enshrouded?

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How to Unlock the Door Inside the Hunter Vault in Enshrouded

How to Unlock the Door Inside the Hunter Vault in Enshrouded

News: Enshrouded, an enthralling survival game crafted by Keen Games, thrusts them into the daunting task of unlocking the door within the Hunter Vault. To conquer this challenge, players must unravel puzzles, discover concealed switches, and embark on an epic journey, all while striving to secure valuable loot. Whether braving the adventure solo or teaming up with friends, Enshrouded provides a captivating role-playing experience.

Gaining Access to the Treasures

Unlocking the treasures concealed behind the door requires activating three strategically positioned switches within the vault. Here’s a guide on locating and activating each switch:

First Switch:

Start by locating a pillar on the right side of the stairs. Shoot this switch with an arrow to unlock the door on the right.

Second Switch:

Once you’ve opened the first door, proceed inside to find the second switch. Interact with it to progress further.

Third Switch:

The third switch is positioned above the main door to the vault. Look for a faint glow emanating from the stairs. To reach this switch, you’ll need to execute a series of acrobatic maneuvers:

  • Stand near one of the braziers.
  • Perform a running jump towards the main door.
  • Deploy your glider briefly to extend your jump.
  • Use your grapple mid-glide to latch onto the grapple point above. Time your action carefully to catch one of the climbable surfaces beside the ledge above the door.

Once you’ve successfully reached the ledge and interacted with the third switch, the door on the left side of the stairs will unlock, granting you access to valuable loot, including an epic Bronze Sword.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

Embark on a captivating journey within Enshrouded’s lost realm, Embervale, where a magical pestilence has engulfed the once-vibrant land. As a resilient survivor, you’ll traverse a sprawling voxel-based continent, molding your fate through a combination of survival instincts, crafting prowess, and engaging in action-packed RPG combat.

In this corrupted world, navigate through the remnants of a fallen kingdom, confronting ravenous beasts and contending with factions such as Scavenger, Vukah, and Fell creatures. Immerse yourself in adrenaline-pumping combat, employing strategic skills such as ducking, parrying, and unleashing potent spells. Roam dungeons, traverse forests, and explore caves to unearth hidden knowledge and coveted treasures.

Enshrouded boasts an expansive skill tree system, allowing you to tailor your playstyle. Additionally, the voxel-based building mechanics provide the canvas for imaginative architecture, attracting NPCs to establish advanced workshops and forge legendary weapons. Craft gear of legendary caliber to withstand the encroaching Shroud, and join forces in 16-player cooperative gameplay to unravel the mysteries beneath the ruins of the lost kingdom across diverse biomes.

Unlock the Door and Unravel the Secrets

Prepare yourself for an enthralling tale of magic, devastation, optimism, and redemption in Enshrouded as you navigate the trials of unlocking the door within the Hunter Vault and uncover the mysteries of a post-apocalyptic world.

Enshrouded delivers an immersive survival journey where the pursuit of unlocking the door in the Hunter Vault becomes a gripping adventure. Through puzzle-solving, uncovering hidden switches, and traversing the expansive voxel-based continent, players can seize valuable loot and become immersed in a spellbinding narrative of magic and redemption. Whether venturing solo or with companions, Enshrouded offers a compelling and challenging gameplay experience for enthusiasts of survival and role-playing games.


Q: Is Enshrouded strictly a single-player game?

A: No, Enshrouded provides both single-player and multiplayer gameplay options. Players can choose to explore the game world solo or team up with friends for a cooperative experience.

Q: Can I personalize my character in Enshrouded?

A: Yes, Enshrouded includes character customization features, allowing players to create unique survivors with distinct appearance traits and abilities.

Q: Does Enshrouded have multiple difficulty settings?

A: Yes, Enshrouded includes various difficulty settings to accommodate players with different skill levels. You can select the difficulty level that best suits your preference for a challenging or more relaxed gaming experience.

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