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How To Save Duke Ravengard In Baldur’s Gate 3 Without Mizora?

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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Rescuing Duke Ravengard

Baldur's Gate 3 - Rescuing Duke Ravengard

News: In Baldur’s Gate 3, players encounter a challenging mission: they must rescue Duke Ravengard within a set number of turns while escaping the Iron Throne. This intricate task unfolds across several acts, demanding players to strategically maneuver through obstacles and safeguard the Duke’s survival.

Finding Duke Ravengard

To kick off this mission in Act Three, players need to find Duke Ravengard ensnared within the descending Iron Throne, specifically located in the central cell on the ship’s east side. To access him, players must delve into the Flymm Cargo warehouse, persuade Redhammer the Deviser to transport them to the Iron Throne via a submersible, and steadfastly dismiss Gortash’s insistence to retreat. Notably, declining Gortash’s demands is essential; those considering a pact with him must forsake the rescue mission altogether.

Rescuing Duke Ravengard

After reaching Duke Ravengard, the subsequent objective is his rescue. This entails employing a healer to ensure his recovery, while the remainder of the party concentrates on liberating other detainees aboard the ship. To free the Duke, players must operate the lever situated to the right of his cell entrance. Once liberated, Duke Ravengard becomes part of the turn sequence, enabling players to advance him and initiate a unique interaction with Mizora.

Navigating to Safety

As players navigate the subsequent obstacles, their primary objective is to ensure Duke Ravengard’s safety. Upon his release, the Duke will kneel during his turn and summon spiders. Crucially, players should overlook the spiders and utilize Dash to swiftly return to the ladder situated in the central chamber. Subsequently, players need to escort Duke Ravengard to the ladder and facilitate his ascent into the submersible.

Enhancing Speed and Completion

To expedite the mission, players can utilize items like the Potion of Speed or Haste Spores, should they possess them. Such items can bolster the Duke’s chances of survival and accelerate mission accomplishment. Nevertheless, if Duke Ravengard is rescued prior to the conclusion of Turn Three, these speed-boosting enhancements become superfluous.

Concluding the Quest

Once the submersible ascends with all occupants, Duke Ravengard conveys his gratitude to the player at the camp. Subsequently, players should head back to camp and locate Duke Ravengard adjacent to Wyll’s tent. It’s crucial to have Wyll as part of the party for this conversation. Through meaningful dialogue, players can mend the rift between father and son, thereby concluding the “Saving the Duke” quest. In gratitude, Duke Ravengard commits both himself and his supporters to assist the player’s mission.

In summary, the endeavor to rescue Duke Ravengard within Baldur’s Gate 3 presents a multifaceted and demanding challenge, necessitating strategic foresight and rapid decision-making. By adhering to the aforementioned steps, players can adeptly maneuver past obstacles, secure the Duke’s safety, and ultimately fulfill the quest’s objectives.


Q: Is it possible to negotiate with Gortash?

A: It’s essential to avoid making a deal with Gortash for the rescue mission.

Q: What’s the method to free Duke Ravengard?

A: Activate the lever positioned to the right side of his cell entrance.

Q: If Duke Ravengard gets rescued prior to Turn Three, what occurs?

A: There’s no need for speed boosts in such a scenario.

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