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How to Obtain BIS Gear For Mage in WoW SoD Phase 2?

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How to Obtain BIS Gear For Mage in WoW SoD Phase 2?

WoW SoD Phase 2 Mage BIS: How to Obtain Best in Slot Gear for Mage in WoW SoD Phase 2?

News: In the second phase of the Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic, Mages have some really good gear options that can make their abilities even better. With the new Gnomeregan raid and the level cap going up to 40, there are chances to get some really powerful equipment.

For Mages in Phase 2, it’s important to focus on getting the best gear. Making sure your spells hit accurately is super important. If getting the perfect Spell Hit is a bit tough, then it’s a good idea to focus on getting gear with Intellect. Intellect helps with more mana and makes critical strikes more likely. After Intellect, having gear with Spell Power and Critical Strike stats is also really helpful because they make Mage spells even more powerful.

Notable BIS Gear for Mages in Phase 2:

1. Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus – This headpiece is a standout choice, providing significant Spell Power for your Mage.

2. Jagged Bone Necklace – Obtainable from the Blackfathom Deeps raid, this neckpiece offers valuable stats for Mages.

3. Inquisitor’s Shawl – Dropped by Boss High Inquisitor Fairbanks in Scarlet Monastery, these shoulders provide excellent bonuses for Mages.

4. Tailored Items – Items created through the Tailoring profession can be a great option for Mages. The Cindercloth Robe for the chest and the Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots for the feet are notable examples.

With these BIS gear choices, Mages can ensure they are well-equipped to tackle the challenges in Phase 2 of WoW Classic: Season of Discovery. Enhancing their magical prowess will greatly contribute to the success of their adventures in Azeroth.

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How to Obtain BIS Gear for Mages in WoW SoD Phase 2:

1. Raiding: Participate in raids such as Gnomeregan to have a chance at acquiring powerful Mage gear drops from the raid bosses. Raiding is a crucial aspect of obtaining high-tier gear in WoW Classic.

2. Questing: Complete quests that offer BIS gear rewards specifically tailored for Mages. Some quests may lead you to dungeons or special encounters where you can obtain unique Mage gear items.

3. Crafting: Utilize the Tailoring profession to craft BIS gear that is specifically designed for Mages. Tailored items often provide excellent stats and bonuses suited for spellcasting classes like Mages.

4. Dungeon Runs: Venture into dungeons like Blackfathom Deeps and Scarlet Monastery to defeat bosses and acquire Mage-specific gear drops. These dungeons offer a variety of items suitable for Mages at different levels.

5. World Drops: While exploring Azeroth, keep an eye out for rare world drops. Occasionally, powerful Mage gear items may drop from enemies or chests in the open world.

6. Trading and Auction Houses: Engage in player trading or visit auction houses to acquire BIS gear that other players may be selling. Be prepared to spend gold or trade valuable items for the gear you need.

By actively participating in these activities and diligently searching for the best gear, you can outfit your Mage with powerful BIS equipment tailored for Phase 2 of WoW SoD.


Q: Why is Spell Hit important for Mages in Phase 2?

A: Spell Hit is vital because it ensures your spells hit the mark accurately, making your magical attacks more effective.

Q: Which raid is a good pick for scoring Mage gear in Phase 2?

A: For snatching up some potent Mage gear, diving into the Gnomeregan raid is a solid choice. Bosses in this raid drop gear that’s perfect for Mages.

Q: Any noteworthy world drops for Mages in Phase 2?

A: While wandering around Azeroth, keep an eye out for rare world drops. These can surprise you with some seriously useful Mage gear items.

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