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How to Increase Capture Rate in Palworld?

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How to Increase Pal Capture Rate in Palworld

How to Increase Pal Capture Rate in Palworld

News: If you find yourself facing challenges in capturing Pals while playing Palworld, fret not. Numerous strategies are at your disposal to elevate your Pal Capture Rate and improve the likelihood of successfully acquiring these creatures. This article delves into three impactful methods: enhancing Pal Spheres, constructing a Statue of Power, and inflicting damage along with applying status effects. By adhering to these recommendations, you’ll be adequately prepared to broaden your array of Pals and elevate your overall gaming experience.

Upgrade Your Pal Spheres

In Palworld, the process of capturing Pals revolves around the use of Pal Spheres, akin to Pokeballs in Pokemon. Enhancing your ability to capture Pals hinges on upgrading these spheres. Advancing through the game and leveling up will grant you access to various tiers of Pal Spheres, including the Mega Sphere, Giga Sphere, Hyper Sphere, Ultra Sphere, and Legendary Sphere. Each tier presents an elevated Capture Rate.

To upgrade your Pal Spheres, the acquisition of materials is essential. It’s crucial to note that the requirements for upgrading become scarcer as you ascend to higher tiers. Commencing the upgrade process early, especially if your goal is to capture high-tier Pals, is advisable. This proactive approach significantly increases your chances of success in the capturing endeavor.

Build a Statue of Power

Another effective method to increase your Pal Capture Rate is by constructing a Statue of Power in your base. This statue will provide a permanent boost to your Pal capturing chances. To enhance the statue’s power, you’ll need to offer Lifmunk Effigies, which are glowing green items found on cliffs or near cave entrances.

If you’re unable to build a statue in your base, don’t worry. You can also find Lifmunk Effigies in Churches scattered throughout the world. These Effigies are crucial for consistently enhancing your capture success. By placing them on the Statue of Power, you’ll enjoy a significant increase in your Capture Power, leading to greater success in capturing Pals.

Deal Damage and Apply Status Effects

Prior to embarking on the endeavor to capture a Pal, it is crucial to first weaken the creature by inflicting damage. Utilizing items such as the Fire Bow, Poison Crossbow, or Stun Baton allows you to apply status effects, effectively reducing the Pal’s strength. Moreover, leveraging Pals that you have already befriended to deal damage to the target is another viable approach.

Employing this strategic tactic considerably enhances your likelihood of capturing Pals successfully. Weakening them before deploying Pal Spheres makes the capturing process more manageable, facilitating the seamless addition of these creatures to your collection.

Capture Bonus and Back Bonus

In Palworld, there are two additional factors that can influence your capture success. The first is the capture bonus, which is obtained by capturing one type of Pal. This bonus increases your capture chances against others of the same species. While it doesn’t directly boost capture rates, it’s beneficial for capturing multiple Pals from the same species.

The second additional advantage is known as the back bonus. If you manage to weaken a Pal, causing it to lose interest, and then attempt a subsequent capture while it remains unaware, there’s a chance to receive a bonus. While this bonus might not be particularly significant, it still contributes to improving your overall success rate in capturing Pals.

Capturing Pals within the Palworld game offers an exciting and challenging dimension. By adhering to the strategies elucidated in this article, you’ll enhance your ability to elevate your Pal Capture Rate and enrich your overall gaming experience. Remember to advance through upgrading your Pal Spheres, constructing a Statue of Power, and inflicting damage while applying status effects. These actions collectively maximize your chances of successfully capturing Pals. Armed with perseverance and strategic prowess, you’ll be on the path to assembling a formidable collection of Pals in the Palworld universe.


Q: What’s the process for capturing high-tier Pals?

A: Capturing high-tier Pals involves upgrading your Pal Spheres to the corresponding tiers and weakening the Pal before attempting the capture.

Q: Where should I look for Lifmunk Effigies?

A: Lifmunk Effigies can be located on cliffs, near cave entrances, or obtained from Churches scattered throughout the world.

Q: How can I enhance my success in capturing Pals of the same species?

A: Capturing multiple Pals from the same species provides a capture bonus, elevating your chances of successfully capturing others of the same species.

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