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How To Get & Use Cement in Palworld?

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How to Obtain Cement in Palworld

How to Obtain Cement in Palworld

News: To acquire Cement in Palworld, players need to attain level 19 within the game and allocate one skill point in the Technology Tree.

Gathering the Ingredients

Crafting Cement necessitates three primary ingredients: a single Bone, 50 Stone, and one unit of Pal Fluid.

Reaching the Necessary Level and Materials

Reaching level 19 and unlocking Cement in Palworld may take some time and effort. On Normal Mode, it typically requires around 10 hours of gameplay. However, for those who prefer a faster progression, adjusting the EXP rate in World Settings can speed up the leveling process.

Bones can be obtained by defeating specific pals in the game. Stone can be mined from highlighted stones scattered across the game map. Pal Fluids are acquired by defeating or capturing a Water-type pal.

Crafting Cement

After collecting the required resources, players can proceed to craft Cement by utilizing a High-Quality Workbench, a crucial tool in Palworld.

Importance of Cement in Palworld

Cement plays a pivotal role in Palworld as it serves as a crucial component for crafting essential tools and structures within the game. These include the Hyper Sphere, Legendary Sphere, Ultra Sphere, High-Quality Hot Spring, Improved Furnace, Defensive Wall, Metal Defensive Wall, Iron Gate, Stone Gate, Mounted Machine Gun, Mounted Missile Launcher, Flower Bed, and the Production Line Factory.

Maintaining an ample supply of Cement is highly advisable in Palworld, given its significance not only in crafting advanced Palspheres but also in the construction of the Production Line Factory. This structure is essential for elevating your base level and advancing further in the game.

Acquiring Cement in Palworld requires players to reach level 19, invest one point in the Technology Tree, and gather the necessary ingredients of one Bone, 50 Stone, and one Pal Fluid. Cement stands as a valuable resource, playing a pivotal role in crafting a variety of tools and structures, making it a key aspect of gameplay. It is crucial to recognize the importance of Cement, as it is indispensable for creating advanced Palspheres and establishing the Production Line Factory.


Q: What is the method for obtaining Bones in Palworld?

A: Bones can be acquired by defeating certain pals within the game.

Q: Where can I locate Stone in Palworld?

A: Stone can be gathered by mining highlighted stones found throughout the game map.

Q: How can I obtain Pal Fluids in Palworld?

A: Pal Fluids can be obtained by defeating or capturing a Water-type pal.

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