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How To Get Petrified Ichor In Nightingale?

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How to Acquire Petrified Ichor Gems in Nightingale: Revealing Valuable Secrets

How to Acquire Petrified Ichor Gems in Nightingale: Revealing Valuable Secrets

News: In the exciting Nightingale game, getting Petrified Ichor Gems is super important for players to move forward. You can grab these gems by beating the Bound Haxan foes. They play a big role in finishing quests and opening up cool new challenges and areas..

What are Petrified Ichor Gems?

In Nightingale, Petrified Ichor Gems are special treasures that players find while exploring the game. As part of the Bound series, these gems are super important for finishing the “Imitations of Life” quest from Viktor Frankenstein. If you want to reach The Watch endgame zone, make sure to gather a total of two Petrified Ichor Gems. They’re unique and valuable in your Nightingale journey!

The Significance of Petrified Ichor Gems

Petrified Ichor Gems aren’t your everyday gems; they’re special treasures because they’ve turned to stone, making them rare in Nightingale’s world. In this game, petrification happens when organic stuff, like sap or blood, slowly changes into stone. Here, the ichor, symbolizing essence or lifeblood in myths, goes through this change. So, Petrified Ichor Gems are basically gemstones made from this petrified essence.

How to Obtain Petrified Ichor Gems

Acquiring Petrified Ichor Gems in Nightingale requires a strategic approach. Here is a simple guide to help you navigate the process:

1. Face Bound Haxan Enemies

To get those precious Petrified Ichor Gems, you’ve got to face the tough opponents called Bound Haxan. These enemies are the ones with the secrets to these gems. Meet them while you’re on the Gloom Site of Power questline in the Abeyance Realm. Look out for Bound enemies with crystals on their staffs – those are the Haxan enemies you’re after. Be ready, though, as these Haxan foes can be tricky to beat; they can even protect their pals with shields. 

2. Focus on Defeating Haxan Enemies

Make sure to focus on defeating the Haxan enemies first. Once you’ve tackled them successfully, then you can go after their buddies they were shielding. Here’s a tip: when you beat a Bound Shaman enemy, a Petrified Ichor Gem will be waiting for you right where they went down. So, get those Haxan enemies out of the way, and the gems will be yours!

3. Gather Two Petrified Ichor Gems

Great news! Every time you beat a Haxan enemy, you get a Petrified Ichor Gem. To finish your quest, you’ll need two of these gems. Luckily, you should find two gems waiting for you in the dungeon. This makes it super easy to smoothly move forward in Viktor’s task when it’s time to hand in the materials. 

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4. Continue the Hunt

Once you’ve had your first encounter, feel free to keep searching for more Haxan enemies and Petrified Ichor Gems in the Gloom realms and beyond. These foes usually show up during Occupations and when nocturnal enemies appear, so keep a sharp eye out for them.

Don’t forget, besides Petrified Ichor Gems, you’ll also need Yew Lumber and Hollow Ingots for Viktor’s quest. You can get these from specific enemies within the Bound. If you need help, check out guides to guide you on your journey.

Now armed with this info, you’re ready to dive into your mission to snag those Petrified Ichor Gems in Nightingale. Best of luck as you venture out in pursuit of these valuable treasures!


Q: Are Petrified Ichor Gems essential for completing the game?

A: Yes, Petrified Ichor Gems play a vital role in completing quests, unlocking new challenges, and progressing in the game. They are essential for a successful journey.

Q: Where else can I find Petrified Ichor Gems?

A: You can obtain Petrified Ichor Gems by defeating Bound Haxan enemies in the Gloom realms, as well as during Occupations and nocturnal enemy appearances.

Q: Can I trade Petrified Ichor Gems with other players?

A: No, Petrified Ichor Gems are not tradable between players. They are unique to each player’s journey and progression in the game.

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