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How to Get Honey and Wax in Enshrouded?

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How to Obtain Honey in Enshrouded: A Guide to Farming Honey and Wax

How to Obtain Honey in Enshrouded: A Guide to Farming Honey and Wax

News: If you’re adventuring in Enshrouded and need some honey, you’re in for a treat! This walkthrough will show you how to gather honey in the game, whether it’s by exploring Embervale’s scenery, talking to important characters, or crafting necessary items. Let’s jump in and learn how to harvest honey and wax in Enshrouded!

Finding Beehives in Embervale

Embervale is a beautiful and varied world, holding secrets like beehives full of honey within its landscapes. Look out for these natural structures, especially around important places like the Flame Altar near Longkeep, the initial Ancient Spire at Harvest Homestead, and the northern part of Willow Crush. These spots are prime locations for finding beehives.

Interacting with NPCs for Honey Farming

To master honey production on your own, it’s essential to connect with the NPCs in Embervale. One NPC you shouldn’t miss is the Farmer. By completing tasks given by the Farmer and other characters, you’ll gain access to vital tools like the Beehive Smoker. These tools will help you manage your own beehives and guarantee a continuous honey supply.

Harvesting Honey from Beehives

When approaching beehives, be careful as they’re guarded by Embervale’s winged protectors. Keep an eye out for gray bags hanging from tree branches, signaling the presence of honey. If the beehives are high up, you might need to use arrows to reach them safely. Each harvested beehive provides both honey and wax, precious resources for crafting and staying alive.

Conservation and Regeneration of Beehives

Respecting the natural cycles of Embervale is crucial when gathering honey. Refrain from cutting down trees recklessly, as beehives replenish themselves over time. Removing trees with beehives could upset the delicate balance of life in Embervale, forcing you to seek out new honey sources. Therefore, use caution and plan ahead to maintain a steady supply of this important resource.

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How to Farm Honey and Wax in Enshrouded

Now that you’ve uncovered the secrets of acquiring honey in Enshrouded, let’s explore the process of farming honey and wax:

Liberating the Farmer Survivor

To begin your journey into honey and wax farming in Enshrouded, your initial task is to rescue the Farmer Survivor NPC. This pivotal character grants access to vital tools and recipes necessary for beekeeping.

Crafting the Beehive Smoker

Crafting the Beehive Smoker is essential for safely extracting honey and wax. To make this vital tool, collect 2x Sand, 3x Lump of Clay, and 3x String. Once you’ve gathered these materials, assemble the Beehive Smoker and get ready to start your honey production journey.

Establishing the Honey Beehive

Now that you have your Beehive Smoker, it’s time to create your own Honey Beehive, the central hub for honey and wax production. Gather 4x Wood Logs, 20x Straw, and 4x Lump of Clay to construct your apiary. Once built, your Honey Beehive is all set to begin harvesting honey and wax.

Harvesting Honey and Wax

Now that your Honey Beehive is up and running, it’s time to begin the honey and wax harvest. For honey production, mix 2x Water with 1x Sugar. To produce wax, combine 3x Plant Fiber with 1x Water. With these straightforward recipes, you can optimize your honey and wax production.

Utilizing Honey and Wax

Honey and wax offer more than just their basic forms. Here are some ways to get the most out of these resources:

1. Crafting Healing Potions: Mix honey with Aloe, Chamomile, and Alchemical Base to create Revitalizing Health Potions. These potions give a significant +800 Health boost and can be a lifesaver in tough situations.

2. Culinary Delights: Add honey to treats like Popcorn to boost stamina recharge. Combine Corncob with honey to make this energizing snack, perfect for keeping you going on your adventures.

3. Illumination and Utility: Use wax to craft vital light sources like Wax Torches, offering both illumination and durability in Embervale’s dark corners. Additionally, you can create comforting Candles by mixing String with wax.

Embarking on the journey of farming honey and wax in Enshrouded opens up a world of possibilities for survival and exploration. Whether you’re bolstering your health with powerful potions, indulging in delicious treats, or lighting your path forward, honey and wax are indispensable resources for overcoming Embervale’s challenges. So, gather your tools and recipes, and prepare for your honey and wax farming adventure in Enshrouded!


1. How much time does it take for beehives to grow back in Embervale?

In Embervale, the time it takes for beehives to fully grow back can vary, but generally, it takes about 2 to 3 in-game days.

2. Can I move a beehive to another spot in Embervale?

Unfortunately, relocating a beehive within Embervale isn’t possible. It’s best to harvest the hive where you find it and let it replenish naturally over time.

3. Besides honey and wax, what else can I do with them in Enshrouded?

Honey and wax are quite versatile in Enshrouded! You can use them in crafting recipes to make things like candles, healing potions, and even tasty dishes. Try mixing them with different ingredients to uncover more ways to use these valuable materials.

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