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How to Get a Free Laser Gun in Monopoly Go?

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How to Obtain a Free Laser Gun in Monopoly Go?

How to Obtain a Free Laser Gun in Monopoly Go?

News: In Monopoly Go!, a widely enjoyed mobile board game, securing a complimentary Laser Gun is crucial for revealing concealed treasures in the Galactic Treasures event. Numerous approaches exist for acquiring Laser Guns without utilizing any in-game resources:

1. Daily Quick Wins:

Establish a routine of regularly engaging in the game and achieving your daily Quick Wins. By consistently doing this, you’ll receive Laser Guns as rewards, eliminating the need to expend any in-game currency.

2. Free Gift:

Visit the in-game store every 7-8 hours to claim the Free Gift. This gift often includes Laser Guns as a reward, giving you the opportunity to obtain them for free.

3. Tournaments:

Participate in continuous tournaments such as Bank Heists and Shutdowns to accumulate points. By achieving milestones in these events, you’ll be entitled to receive free Laser Guns as rewards.

4. Moon Walkers Event:

Progress through the Moon Walkers event by landing on Tax Tiles and Utility Tiles, garnering points in the process. Engaging in this event enables you to amass Laser Guns without incurring any additional costs.

5. Free Dice Boost:

While not directly furnishing Laser Guns, amassing free Dice links can expedite your progress in the game. This enhancement allows you to navigate events more efficiently, thereby heightening your prospects of earning Laser Guns.

It’s crucial to recognize that there are no accessible links providing free Laser Guns during the Galactic Treasures event. Instead, you must depend on daily activities, tournaments, and special in-game events to secure Laser Guns. To optimize your likelihood of obtaining Laser Guns without expending any in-game currency, maintain a consistent play schedule, engage in events, and claim your daily rewards.

About Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go! stands out as a highly popular mobile board game crafted through a collaboration between Scopely and Hasbro, hitting the digital market on April 11, 2023, for both iOS and Android platforms. Its release marked a significant milestone, emerging as the most prominent mobile game launch of the year and amassing an impressive revenue of $1 billion.

Under the direction of Massimo Maietti, the game seamlessly integrates classic Monopoly board game elements with user-friendly mid-core mechanics. Players immerse themselves in virtual property trading and strategic business gameplay, translating the cherished Monopoly experience into a digital format accessible on mobile devices.

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Monopoly Go! received acclaim for its visually appealing graphics, smooth gameplay, and impressive sound design. However, not without critique, some reviewers, including Rachel Mogan from Android Central, lauded its positive aspects, while CJ Andriessen from Destructoid expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s intrusive in-game ads, impacting the overall gaming experience.

Despite the mixed reviews, Scopely proudly announced the game’s tremendous success. Monopoly Go! not only clinched the title of the top-grossing mobile game launch of 2023 but also maintained a monthly revenue exceeding $200 million for the company. In essence, Monopoly Go! presents a mobile board game that seamlessly merges the classic charm of Monopoly with contemporary gaming elements, achieving remarkable success within the mobile gaming industry.


1. Can I get Laser Guns for free in Monopoly Go!?

Yes, there are several methods to obtain Laser Guns for free in Monopoly Go!. You can try completing your daily Quick Wins, claiming the Free Gift from the in-game store, participating in tournaments, engaging in the Moon Walkers event, and using free Dice links to boost your progress in the game.

No, there are no available links offering free Laser Guns during the Galactic Treasures event. You will need to rely on in-game activities, events, and rewards to obtain Laser Guns without spending any in-game currency.

3. What is the biggest mobile game launch in 2023?

The biggest mobile game launch in 2023 was Monopoly Go!. It generated a staggering $1 billion in revenue, making it a massive success for Scopely and Hasbro.

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