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How to Fuse Oberon With Mazio in Persona 3 Reload?

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How to Fuse Oberon With Mazio in Persona 3 Reload?

Persona 3 Reload

News: Persona 3 Reload is a cool video game made by Atlus. You can play it on different devices like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s a redo of the famous Persona 3, which is the fourth big game in the Persona series and belongs to the famous Megami Tensei franchise.

The Story of Persona 3 Reload

In Persona 3 Reload, you step into the shoes of a high school student who finds out they can summon a Persona, which is like a reflection of their inner self. The main character joins a group called the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (S.E.E.S.) to fight against strange creatures known as Shadows and to uncover the mysteries of the Dark Hour. The plot revolves around the protagonist returning to their hometown, where the memory of their parents’ tragic death in a car accident haunts them.

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The Remake of a Fan-Favorite

After the triumph of Persona 5, fans were really keen on getting a redo of Persona 3. The making of Persona 3 Reload kicked off in 2019 and got officially revealed in June 2023. This remake keeps the essence of the original Persona 3 story intact but brings in fresh visuals, new tunes created by Atsushi Kitajoh, and character designs by Azusa Shimada under the watchful eye of Shigenori Soejima. Azumi Takahashi and Lotus Juice lend their voices to the game, giving it an extra dimension of richness.

Fusing Personas

In Persona 3 Reload, there’s this cool Persona called Oberon, associated with the Emperor Arcana. Oberon kicks off at level 16 and comes packing a bunch of skills like Zio, Media, Mazio, Zan-ei, Survive Dark, and Zionga. Now, if you’re looking to fuse Oberon, here’s the lowdown:

1. Combine Valkyrie and Jack Frost: Take Valkyrie from the Strength Arcana and Jack Frost from the Magician Arcana, mix them together.
2. Alternatively, mix Valkyrie and Onmoraki: You can also fuse Valkyrie with Onmoraki from the Hermit Arcana.
3. Head to the Velvet Room: Unlock the Velvet Room, and then make your way to the base of Tartarus or the hidden alley in Paulownia Mall to do the fusion.
4. Persona Fusion: Another way to snag Oberon is by fusing two or more Personas right there in the Velvet Room. Easy peasy!

Enhancing the Gaming Experience

Persona 3 Reload takes what you loved about the original game and cranks it up a notch to give players a super immersive and exciting gaming time. The gameplay brings together classic role-playing vibes with social simulation elements. They’ve spruced up the graphical user interface, making things even more user-friendly, and now, players can dive into extra activities within the Iwatodai Dorm.

But that’s not all – the exploration and battles have had a makeover too. Now, you’ve got cool new features like the “Shift” ability and the “Baton Pass” skill to spice things up. It’s all about enhancing the experience and making the game even more enjoyable!

An Epic Journey

In Persona 3 Reload, you follow the main character’s adventure at Gekkoukan High School as they navigate the mysterious Dark Hour and team up with SEES to take on Shadows. As the story unfolds, they dig into the origins of Tartarus, a mysterious tower, and the looming threat of Nyx, a super powerful force that could bring about the end of the world. There’s also a new social element introduced, separate from the Social Links feature, and extra side-story arcs for supporting characters.

This remake of Persona 3 isn’t just a facelift – it’s an upgraded and improved version of the original game. The storyline is gripping, the gameplay is engaging, and the visuals are downright stunning. Whether you’re a Persona series veteran or a newbie, Persona 3 Reload is set to give you hours of entertainment. So, get ready, summon your Persona, and dive into an epic journey to save the world from impending doom!


Q: Is it possible to play Persona 3 Reload on my Xbox One?

A: You can enjoy Persona 3 Reload on your Xbox One.

Q: Are there new parts to the story in Persona 3 Reload?

A: Yes, Persona 3 Reload brings in extra side-story arcs for the supporting characters.

Q: Is it doable to combine different Personas in the Velvet Room?

A: Yes, you can fuse two or more Personas in the Velvet Room and get exciting new Personas, such as Oberon.

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