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How to Fix / Solve Starfield Rejuvenation Not Working

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How to Resolve Starfield Rejuvenation Not Functioning Properly

How to Resolve Starfield Rejuvenation Not Functioning Properly

News: Recently, players of Starfield have encountered issues with the Rejuvenation perk, which isn’t working as expected. This problem has impacted a significant number of players across various platforms, including PC and consoles. The Rejuvenation perk is particularly sought after in Starfield due to its promise of valuable in-combat health regeneration. Nevertheless, players have reported that the perk, especially at ranks 3 and 4, is failing to operate correctly.

Possible Reasons

One possible explanation for the Rejuvenation perk not working is a bug in the game. Reports on Reddit and Nexus Mods forums suggest that players have experienced issues with the perk’s in-combat regeneration, while the out-of-combat regeneration remains intact. It is unclear whether Bethesda, the game’s developer, is aware of this problem and actively working on a solution.

Another potential factor contributing to the malfunction of the Rejuvenation perk could be conflicts with other mods. If players have installed mods that alter gameplay mechanics, these modifications might interfere with the Rejuvenation perk’s proper operation. For instance, a mod that modifies how health regeneration functions might clash with the Rejuvenation perk, resulting in its malfunction. In such instances, players can attempt to disable the conflicting mod to determine if the Rejuvenation perk begins working as intended once more.

Potential Solutions

1. Use Console Commands: A quick and relatively simple solution involves the use of console commands, although it’s important to acknowledge that this method may not be effective for everyone. To utilize console commands, players can press the tilde key (~) to open the console and then input “player.setav CombatHealthRegenMult X” (without quotes), substituting X with their preferred value for the regeneration multiplier. Players can experiment with various values until they discover one that resolves the issue. However, keep in mind that using console commands may not be suitable for all players, especially on platforms where they are not available or unsupported.

2. Install a Mod: An alternative solution is to install a mod that is specifically created to tackle the Rejuvenation perk problem. Platforms like Nexus Mods often host mods such as the “Fix Rejuvenation” mod, which can offer a more permanent solution. While these mods may require some setup and installation, they provide an alternative fix for players who are experiencing issues with the perk. It’s essential to follow the installation instructions for these mods carefully and ensure they are compatible with your game version and other installed mods to avoid any conflicts.

3. Await a Patch: If neither console commands nor mods prove effective in resolving the issue, players may need to exercise patience and wait for an official patch from Bethesda. It’s reassuring to know that the developer is aware of the problem and actively working on a solution. Players should stay vigilant for updates and patches, as these may contain a fix for the Rejuvenation perk issue. In the meantime, players can redirect their focus toward utilizing other perks and abilities that assist them in combat to continue enjoying their gaming experience in Starfield.

The Rejuvenation perk in Starfield has faced issues, particularly with in-combat health regeneration not operating correctly for numerous players. To address this problem, players have several potential solutions at their disposal, such as using console commands, installing mods, or patiently waiting for an official patch from the developer. These methods can help restore the functionality of the Rejuvenation perk, allowing players to continue enjoying the game, or they can explore alternative perks and abilities to enhance their combat effectiveness in the meantime.

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Q: How long has the Rejuvenation perk issue been going on?

A: The issue with the Rejuvenation perk has been reported recently by players.

Q: Are there any other mods that can fix the Rejuvenation perk?

A: Yes, there are mods available on platforms like Nexus Mods that specifically address the Rejuvenation perk issue.

Q: Can players use other perks or abilities while waiting for a patch?

A: Yes, players can focus on utilizing other perks and abilities that aid them in combat until a patch is released.

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