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How to Fix / Solve Starfield Dialogue Bug

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How to Fix / Solve Starfield Dialogue Bug

How To Fix Starfield Dialogue Bug

News: If you’re experiencing a dialogue bug in the widely played game Starfield, and it’s causing obstacles in your gameplay, rest assured that you’re not the only one facing this issue. Numerous players have reported difficulties related to NPC or service technician dialogues within Starfield. Thankfully, there are various solutions at your disposal to tackle this problem. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the Starfield dialogue bug and provide solutions to resolve it.

Understanding the Starfield Dialogue Bug

Gamers have reported instances where they become immobilized at a specific location, rendering them incapable of movement when attempting to engage in conversations with particular NPCs. This predicament results in the disappearance of dialogue options, thereby obstructing any further progress in the game. While Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of Starfield, have not issued an official response to this bug, players from across the globe have exchanged numerous potential remedies on various online forums.

This issue has been described by players as a scenario where they find themselves stranded without any dialogue choices, while the character Sarah merely gazes at the screen. If you happen to encounter the same bug, here are some suggested solutions you can explore:

How to Fix the Starfield Dialogue Bug

1. Swap Your Active Companion

One potential solution is to change your active companion from Sarah to another character. Instead of having Sarah as your companion, try assigning a different character. Several players have reported success by unassigning Sarah from the ship and removing her as a crew member, which effectively resolves the bug. After swapping companions, return to the lodge, and you’ll encounter Sarah and Walter near the fireplace. This simple adjustment should eliminate the dialogue bug. Many users have found this fix to be effective.

2. Use Console Command

An alternative solution involves utilizing console commands to halt the dialogue. Open the console command and input the following command: “setstage 002C1C9B 920” to forcefully terminate the conversation. This action should enable you to converse with NPCs without encountering any dialogue glitches.

3. Perform a Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset on your device can also be an effective method to resolve the dialogue bug. Follow these steps to perform a hard reset:

1. Exit the Starfield game by clicking on the Quit button in the menu.
2. Press and hold the Power button to power off your console.
3. After the console is completely powered off, press and hold the Power button again.
4. Remove the Power Cable from your console.
5. Wait for at least 5 minutes before proceeding.
6. Reconnect the Power Cable.
7. Press the Power button to restart the console.

This process can help alleviate the dialogue bug issue in Starfield.

4. Update Starfield Game

If you’re enjoying Starfield on your PC, keeping it up-to-date is a breeze with Steam. Here’s how to ensure you have the latest updates:

1. Head over to the Steam website.
2. Locate the Starfield page and look for any pending updates.
3. If there are updates available, simply install them.

For those playing Starfield on an Xbox console, managing game updates is equally straightforward via the system software. Here are the steps to check for and install updates:

1. Ensure that your Xbox is connected to the internet.
2. Navigate to your home screen and find the “Starfield” game tile.
3. Use your controller to press the “Menu” button, then select “Manage game & add-ons.”
4. Check for updates and proceed to install them if any are found.

5. Contact Bethesda Support Team

If none of the previously mentioned solutions prove effective, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Bethesda support team for additional assistance. Alternatively, you can report the dialogue bug in Starfield to them through their social media channels.

Dealing with a dialogue bug in Starfield can indeed be exasperating, but there are multiple avenues for resolving this issue. By adhering to the steps outlined earlier, you should be well-equipped to surmount the bug and resume your immersive journey in the game. Keep a vigilant eye out for the latest patches and updates, and remember that the game’s support team is there to assist you if required. May your gaming adventures be filled with joy!

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Q: I have tried swapping companions, but the dialogue bug still persists. What should I do?

A: If swapping companions does not fix the dialogue bug, try using the console command or performing a hard reset on your device. If the issue continues, consider contacting the Bethesda support team for further assistance.

Q: Will updating the Starfield game help resolve the dialogue bug?

A: Yes, updating the Starfield game can potentially fix the dialogue bug. Make sure to check for any available updates on the Steam website (for PC) or through the system software (for Xbox).

Q: How long should I wait before reconnecting the Power Cable during a hard reset?

A: Wait for at least 5 minutes before reconnecting the Power Cable during a hard reset to ensure that all power is drained from the console.

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