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How to Fix / Solve Starfield Console Command Not Working

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Troubleshooting Guide: Starfield Console Command Not Working

Troubleshooting Guide: Starfield Console Command Not Working

News: Are you encountering difficulties when trying to use Console Commands while playing Starfield? Many players have recently reported issues with Console Commands in Starfield. Some have found that they couldn’t open the console at all, while others experienced problems when attempting to input item IDs to obtain specific items.

Dealing with these problems can indeed be frustrating and can affect your overall gaming experience. However, don’t worry, as we’re here to provide guidance on resolving this issue!

Starfield, an action-packed role-playing game published by Bethesda, is set in an original universe distinct from the Elder Scrolls series. As a new game, it’s not immune to its fair share of problems and bugs that may perplex and frustrate players.

1. Incorrect Console Command Key

One of the primary reasons why your Starfield Console Commands might not be functioning correctly is that the key you’re using may not work in Starfield, even if it has worked in other games. Additionally, it’s possible that you’ve entered the item ID incorrectly or have not used the parentheses correctly.

Here’s a solution: Ensure that you are using the correct Console Command key for Starfield. Unlike in Skyrim, where the key is ‘~’, in Starfield, you need to use the ‘@’ key. It’s important to note that if you’re using a non-English keyboard, the command key may differ. For instance, on a Norwegian keyboard, you might need to press the “Ø” key. This adjustment should help you properly access and use Console Commands in Starfield.

2. Double-Check the Item Name

To ensure your Console Commands work in Starfield, make sure you’ve correctly typed the item names and that all letters and numbers are accurate. The item ID should follow a format like this: “player.additem 0000000f 999999” when playing Starfield. If your item ID format differs, be sure to modify it accordingly. This attention to detail will help ensure that your Console Commands function as intended in the game.

Fix: Check if your item ID format matches the correct format mentioned above, and make the necessary changes if needed.

3. Rename Saved Files

Another potential fix to consider is renaming your saved files and then reloading the game. After doing so, try using the Console Commands again and see if they work. Some players have reported success with this method. Renaming save files can sometimes resolve conflicts or glitches that were preventing the proper functioning of Console Commands in the game.

Fix: Rename your saved files and load the game again. Test if the Console Command works after this step.

4. Restart Starfield

A straightforward yet effective solution is to exit the game and then restart it after waiting for a brief period. If the game has encountered a glitch or if the Console Command is unresponsive due to a bug, restarting the game should typically resolve the issue. This simple action can often clear up minor problems that may be affecting the functionality of Console Commands in Starfield.

Fix: Close Starfield, wait for a while, and then relaunch the game. Attempt to use the Console Command again to see if it is now functioning properly.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Starfield

If you’ve exhausted all other options, you can attempt to resolve the issue by uninstalling Starfield and then reinstalling it with a brief waiting period in between. To uninstall the game, navigate to the Control Panel, click on “Uninstall a Program,” find Starfield in the list, and select it for removal. Afterwards, proceed to reinstall Starfield from the platform where you initially acquired the game, such as Steam or the Epic Games Store. Once the reinstallation is complete, launch the game and utilize Console Commands to verify if the problem has been rectified.

Fix: Uninstall Starfield from the Control Panel, then reinstall it from the appropriate platform. Open the game and test the Console Command functionality to see if the problem persists.

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Console Commands have the potential to significantly enhance your Starfield experience, but it can be disheartening when they don’t function as expected. By diligently following the troubleshooting steps detailed above, you should be equipped to overcome any issues and fully savor the game as it was intended. Always ensure you’re using the correct Console Command key, meticulously verify item names, consider renaming saved files if required, restart the game if necessary, or reinstall Starfield as a last resort. Now, venture forth with confidence and take command of the boundless Starfield universe!


Q: Why is my Console Command not working in Starfield?

A: There could be various reasons why your Console Command is not working in Starfield. One common reason is using the incorrect command key or entering the item ID incorrectly.

Q: How can I fix the issue of Console Command not working in Starfield?

A: You can try using the correct Console Command key, double-checking your item names, renaming saved files, restarting the game, or reinstalling Starfield to fix the issue.

Q: Are there any specific item ID formats for Console Command in Starfield?

A: Yes, the item ID format should follow this format: “player.additem 0000000f 999999” when playing Starfield. Make sure your item ID matches this format.

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