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How to Fix / Solve Palworld Grizzbolt Not Spawning

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How to Fix / Solve Palworld Grizzbolt Not Spawning

Guide to Finding the Rare Grizzbolt in Palworld

News: Are you a dedicated Palworld player on the hunt for the elusive Grizzbolt, only to realize that it’s nowhere to be found in the game? Fret not! I’ve conducted thorough research to unveil the mysteries surrounding the absence of Grizzbolt. This all-encompassing guide will explore the reasons behind Grizzbolt’s non-appearance in Palworld and offer effective strategies to assist you in finding and capturing this highly coveted Pal.

Prepare for the Journey

Before embarking on your quest to catch a Grizzbolt, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary preparations in place. Here are some key steps to follow:

  • Obtain a flying mount: To reach the isolated island where Grizzbolt can be found, you’ll need a flying mount. The earliest flying mount available in the starting area of the game is the Nitewing.
  • Increase your stamina: The journey to the island where Grizzbolt resides is quite long, so it’s beneficial to have high stamina to endure the trip.
  • Level up your character: Ensure that your character is at least level 20 before venturing out to catch a Grizzbolt.
  • Bring a strong fighting Pal: Having a powerful Pal fighting alongside you will greatly increase your chances of success.
  • Use high-level Spheres: Equipping yourself with higher-level Spheres, such as the Giga Sphere or the Hyper Sphere, will improve your likelihood of capturing Grizzbolt.

Travel to Nature Preserve No. 1

Grizzbolts can be found in Nature Preserve No. 1, which is a unique area located on the Pal Sanctuary island in the far south of the world. To reach Nature Preserve No. 1, follow these steps:

  • Locate Nature Preserve No. 1: This area, known for housing Grizzbolts, can be found on Pal Sanctuary, a special island in the southern region of the game world.
  • Use a flying mount: As the island is isolated, you’ll need a flying mount like the Nitewing to reach it. Make sure you have one before setting out on your journey.
  • Be prepared: Before heading to Nature Preserve No. 1, ensure that your character is high enough level, you have a flying Pal, and you possess enough resources, such as high-level Spheres, to increase your chances of capturing a Grizzbolt.

Exercise Patience

Grizzbolts are extremely rare Pals in Palworld, and it may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for them to spawn. Patience is key when searching for these elusive creatures.

Summon Your Fighting Pal

Once you’ve confirmed the presence of a Grizzbolt on the island, summon your strongest fighting Pal and attempt to weaken the Grizzbolt’s health to below 20%. To summon your Pal in Palworld, follow these steps:

  • Catch a Pal: Before summoning a Pal to fight alongside you, you need to catch one.
  • Add it to your party: Once you’ve caught a Pal, it will be added to your current party if there’s an empty slot available.
  • Select your Pal: Choose the Pal you want to summon from your party by pressing the corresponding button on your keyboard or controller.
  • Summon your Pal: After selecting your Pal, use the designated button to summon it and have it join the battle.

Use Spheres

After weakening the Grizzbolt’s health, try throwing a Sphere at it from behind to increase your chances of capturing it. It may take multiple attempts before successfully catching it. To utilize a Sphere in Palworld, follow these steps:

  • Obtain a Pal Sphere: Craft Pal Spheres using materials like wood, stone, and Paladium Fragments at a crafting bench.
  • Select your Pal Sphere: Choose the specific Pal Sphere you want to use from your inventory.
  • Aim at the target: Hold the “Q” key on your keyboard or the “RB” or “R1” button on your controller to aim at the Grizzbolt.
  • Throw the Pal Sphere: Release the aiming button to throw the Pal Sphere at the targeted Grizzbolt.
  • Check the capture rate: It’s advisable to check the capture rate before throwing the Pal Sphere to ensure it’s high enough. You can do this by targeting the Grizzbolt and holding the aiming button.

Contact Palworld Support

If all attempts to address the Grizzbolt’s absence prove unsuccessful, and you find yourself unable to resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to contact Palworld support for tailored assistance. They are equipped to offer personalized guidance and aid in troubleshooting your specific problem.

The pursuit of the elusive Grizzbolt in Palworld demands meticulous preparation, endurance, and the implementation of diverse strategies. By adhering to the outlined steps in this guide, you enhance your prospects of encountering and capturing this rare and coveted Pal. Best of luck on your quest!


Q: Are there alternative methods to improve the chances of finding a Grizzbolt?

A: In addition to the strategies outlined in this guide, consider using bait or lures specifically crafted to attract Grizzbolts for better results.

Q: Is it possible to trade or buy a Grizzbolt from other players?

A: Grizzbolts cannot be traded or purchased from other players. Capturing one is a personal endeavor that requires your own efforts.

Q: Are there other rare Pals in Palworld?

A: Palworld features various rare and elusive Pals beyond Grizzbolts. Exploring different regions and employing specific strategies can enhance your chances of encountering these unique creatures.

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