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How to Fix / Solve No Opponent Found in FIFA 23

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How to Resolve the “No Opponent Found” Error in FIFA 23

How to Resolve the 'No Opponent Found' Error in FIFA 23

News: FIFA 23, developed by Electronic Arts and powered by HyperMotion2 Technology, offers an exceptionally lifelike and immersive football simulation experience. Nevertheless, a vexing issue has been plaguing some players, preventing them from finding opponents in the game. This issue, widely recognized as the “no opponent found” error, is reported across various platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The error message reads as follows: “No opponent found. Try choosing a club with a different star level, or loosen your matchmaking and controller settings.”

Understanding the “No Opponent Found” Error

The occurrence of the “no opponent found” error in FIFA 23 signifies the absence of available opponents for gameplay, a situation that can be particularly frustrating for eager players. Fortunately, there are effective solutions to resolve this issue and swiftly return to the enjoyable world of FIFA 23.

Adjusting Matchmaking Settings

To rectify the “no opponent found” error, you must adjust your matchmaking settings. By following these steps, you can successfully locate opponents and relish the excitement of gameplay once more:

1. Set the Matchmaking Control to “Any”

– Navigate to the “Matchmaking Settings” option.
– Find the “Control” setting and switch it to “Any.”

2. Disable Approximate Location Matchmaking

– Return to the main menu.
– Select the “Customize” option.
– Navigate to “Online Settings.”
– Choose “Matchmaking Options.”
– Change the “Approximate Location Matchmaking” setting to “NO” and enable “Cross-play.”

After making these adjustments, initiate a search for an opponent in FIFA 23. You should now be able to discover players to compete against, resolving the “no opponent found” error.

Further Resources

If you encounter further issues while enjoying FIFA 23, there are additional troubleshooting steps available to address common problems. Here are some typical challenges players face and their corresponding solutions:

1. DirectX Error

When confronted with DirectX errors, it’s crucial to verify if your system meets the minimum requirements for the game. Furthermore, make certain that your computer is equipped with the latest version of DirectX.

2. EA Play Subscription Status Validation Problem

If you experience difficulties related to your EA Play subscription, first ensure that your subscription is active and in good standing. Should the issue persist, it’s advisable to contact EA support for additional assistance and resolution.

3. FIFA Points Not Showing Up

If you find that your FIFA points are not displaying in the game, attempt to resolve the issue by restarting the game or confirming within your account whether the points were successfully added.

For more comprehensive instructions on addressing these and other FIFA 23-related issues, please consult the provided links below.

The “no opponent found” error in FIFA 23 can indeed be frustrating, hindering your enjoyment of the game. Nevertheless, by following the matchmaking setting adjustments detailed in this article, you can successfully tackle this issue and rediscover opponents for exhilarating matches. Make sure to refer to the provided resources for assistance with any other FIFA 23 challenges you may face. Now, dive back into the FIFA 23 universe with renewed confidence, knowing that you’ve conquered the “no opponent found” error.

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Q: How can I fix the “no opponent found” error in FIFA 23?

A: To fix the “no opponent found” error in FIFA 23, you need to adjust the matchmaking settings by setting the control to “Any” and disabling approximate location matchmaking.

Q: What should I do if I encounter DirectX errors while playing FIFA 23?

A: If you experience DirectX errors, ensure that your system meets the game’s minimum requirements and that you have the latest DirectX version installed.

Q: How do I address issues with my EA Play subscription in FIFA 23?

A: Ensure that your EA Play subscription is active and valid. If the problem persists, contact EA support for further assistance.

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