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How to Fix / Solve: Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Stuck On Connecting To Server

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How to Resolve the “Stuck on Connecting to Server” Issue in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

How to Resolve the 'Stuck on Connecting to Server' Issue in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

News: Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising delivers thrilling action in its fighting gameplay. Yet, like numerous online titles, players might confront connectivity challenges that disrupt their gaming pleasure. A frequent issue players encounter is being trapped on the “Connecting to Server” interface. Here, we’ll explore practical remedies to address this setback and swiftly return you to the game.

Fixing the “Stuck on Connecting to Server” Issue in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

To address the problem of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising freezing on the “Connecting to Server” screen, consider implementing the following troubleshooting measures:

1. Configure Network Settings

The first step is to configure your network settings. Depending on the device or system you’re using, the steps may vary. Here’s a general guide:

– Right-click on the system tray network icon and select “Open Network & Internet settings.”

– Click on “Network and Internet settings” and choose “Change adapter options.”

– Right-click on the network adapter (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and select “Properties.”

– In the adapter properties, select either “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” or “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” and click on “Properties.”

– In the TCP/IP properties, you can either specify DNS server addresses manually or use automatic DNS settings.

– Save the changes by clicking “OK.”

– Choose whether to obtain an IP address automatically (via DHCP) or use a specific IP address.

2. Restore Licenses

Restoring licenses on your gaming platform can often resolve connecting errors in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. If you’re playing on a PlayStation console, follow these steps:

– Navigate to Settings from your console’s home screen.

– Select Account Management > Restore Licenses.

– Confirm the action and wait for the process to finish.

3. Update Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

Always ensure that you have the latest updates for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising by checking the official website, social media channels, and community forums. Developers frequently release updates that include new features and bug fixes.

For Steam (PC):

– Automatic Updates:

By default, Steam automatically updates your games. Ensure that your Steam client is running and connected to the internet.

– Manual Check for Updates:

Right-click on “Granblue Fantasy Versus” in your Steam library.

Select “Properties.”

Go to the “Updates” tab.

Ensure that “Always keep this game up to date” is selected.

For PlayStation:

– Automatic Updates:

On your PlayStation console, games typically update automatically when the console is in rest mode or connected to the internet.

– Manual Updates:

Navigate to the game icon on the home screen.

Press the “Options” button on your controller.

Select “Check for Updates.”

For Xbox:

– Automatic Updates:

Xbox consoles also support automatic updates. Ensure that your console is set up to download updates automatically.

– Manual Updates:

Navigate to “My games & apps.”

Select the game.

Press the “Menu” button on your controller.

Choose “Manage game & add-ons” and select “Updates.”

4. Uninstall and Reinstall Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

If none of the above solutions work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. This step can help fix any corrupted files or settings causing the connection issues. Before reinstalling, remember to:

– Open the Control Panel.

– Go to “Programs” or “Programs and Features.”

– Find the game in the list.

– Right-click on the game and select “Uninstall” or “Uninstall/Change.”

– Visit the official website of Granblue or the distribution platform where you purchased/downloaded the game (e.g., Steam, Epic Games Store).

– Log in to your account.

Contact Support if the Issue Persists

If you’ve tried all the suggested fixes and are still experiencing the issue of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising being stuck on the “Connecting to Server” screen, it might be time to contact support. They will be able to provide further assistance and help you resolve the problem.

In summary, while connectivity challenges can be bothersome, adhering to the aforementioned steps should help you resolve the “Stuck on Connecting to Server” issue in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, allowing you to resume your gaming experience without interruptions.


Q: What causes Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising to remain on the “Connecting to Server” screen?

A: The “Connecting to Server” screen in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising might persist due to connectivity problems, server congestion, or software malfunctions.

Q: Is it beneficial to restore licenses to address the issue?

A: Indeed, refreshing licenses on your gaming system can frequently fix connection issues encountered in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.

Q: What steps should I take if the proposed fixes don’t resolve the problem?

A: If the recommended remedies don’t solve the issue, you might want to reach out to customer support for additional help.

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