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How to Fix / Solve FACEIT Fatal Error 100

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Dealing with the “FACEIT Fatal Error 100” while playing games on FACEIT

How to Fix / Solve FACEIT Fatal Error 100

News: Experiencing the “FACEIT Fatal Error 100” during your gaming sessions on FACEIT can indeed be a frustrating ordeal. Numerous Reddit users have shared their encounters with this error message, which reads, “Fatal error 100, Please try to restart your PC. For further assistance, visit,” whenever they attempt to initiate the FACEIT Client. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone in encountering this issue.

Possible causes of FACEIT Fatal Error 100

In this guide, we will delve into the potential culprits behind the FACEIT Fatal Error 100 and furnish you with effective solutions to resolve it. Typically, this error message is linked to issues associated with FACEIT Client Highlights or temporary glitches and bugs within the system.

Solutions to fix FACEIT Fatal Error 100

In order to address the “Fatal error 100” message, which advises you to restart your PC and seek assistance at, you can consider the following options: disabling FACEIT Client Highlights, uninstalling the FACEIT Client application, rebooting your computer, or reaching out to the FACEIT Support Team for assistance.

1. Restart Your System

At times, error messages can be resolved by rebooting your system. The error message itself recommends restarting your PC, and numerous users have effectively resolved the FACEIT Fatal Error 100 by simply restarting their systems. Therefore, it is a worthwhile step to consider.

2. Disable FACEIT Client Highlights

If you suspect that the error might be related to an issue with FACEIT Client Highlights or Medal failing to record the game, you can attempt to resolve it by disabling FACEIT Client Highlights if they are currently enabled. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Highlight Settings in the FACEIT Client.
2. Uncheck the “Enable highlight capture” option.
3. Restart the FACEIT Client.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall the FACEIT Client App

Several users have reported that uninstalling the FACEIT Client app has effectively resolved the error. To do this, simply uninstall the app from your system, access FACEIT through a web browser, log in, and the error should be resolved. You can then consider reinstalling the client after some time, as the error is not likely to recur.

4. Contact the FACEIT Support Team

If you’ve attempted to restart your PC and have also tried the previously mentioned solutions without success in resolving the “Fatal error 100” message, which advises restarting your PC and seeking further assistance at, your next course of action should be to get in touch with the FACEIT Support Team. They can provide you with more comprehensive options and guidance to resolve the error. To reach out to them, simply click on the following link.

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Q: What is the main cause of FACEIT Fatal Error 100?

A: The main cause of FACEIT Fatal Error 100 is often related to FACEIT Client Highlights or temporary glitches and bugs.

Q: Can restarting my system fix the FACEIT Fatal Error 100?

A: Yes, restarting your system can sometimes resolve the FACEIT Fatal Error 100.

Q: How can I disable FACEIT Client Highlights?

A: To disable FACEIT Client Highlights, open the Highlight Settings in the FACEIT Client, untick the “Enable highlight capture” option, and restart the FACEIT Client.

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