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How to Fix / Solve DoorDash Error Unable To Dash At Your Current Location Optional 400 Expected 200

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How to Fix / Solve DoorDash Error Unable To Dash At Your Current Location Optional 400 Expected 200

How to Fix the DoorDash Error

News: Encountering the vexing DoorDash error message “Unable to Dash at Your Current Location Optional 400 Expected 200”? You’re not the only one experiencing this issue. Thankfully, there are troubleshooting measures and solutions at your disposal to tackle this problem. This article delves into the potential reasons behind this error and offers actionable steps to rectify it, ensuring a more seamless experience for DoorDash dashers.

1. Check Your Account Activation Status

This error might arise if your Dasher account is not entirely activated or if there were complications during the sign-up process. Verify the activation status of your account by confirming the reception of a Welcome Email from DoorDash, indicating that your account is activated. If you haven’t received this email, contact DoorDash support for assistance in activating your account.

2. Verify DoorDash App Permissions And Location Services

For the DoorDash app to operate seamlessly, it necessitates specific permissions, notably access to your location. In the event of not granting these permissions or encountering issues with location services, the error code 400 may arise. To rectify this issue, access your phone’s settings and locate the DoorDash app’s permissions. Confirm that the app has been granted permission to access your location. If your device’s location services are not activated, ensure to enable them.

3. Force Stop And Restart The DoorDash App

At times, transient glitches within the app can lead to issues. To address this, perform a force stop and restart of the DoorDash app. Follow these steps:

For Android:
– Go to ‘Settings’ on your Android device.
– Tap ‘Apps’ or ‘Application Manager.’
– Scroll to find the DoorDash app.
– Tap ‘Force Stop.’
– Confirm by tapping ‘OK.’
– Reopen the DoorDash app.

For iOS:
– Double press the Home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen (depending on your iPhone model) to access the App Switcher.
– Swipe left or right to find the DoorDash app.
– Swipe the app up to close it.
– Reopen the DoorDash app from the Home screen.

4. Check For Service Outages In DoorDash

It is crucial to confirm whether there is a service outage since individual troubleshooting may not address the “Unable to dash at your current location” error if DoorDash is undergoing a widespread problem. Here are the steps you can take:

– Visit a platform like DownDetector to verify if other DoorDash users are reporting similar issues.
– Monitor DoorDash’s official social media accounts for any announcements regarding service disruptions.
– If an outage is confirmed, wait for DoorDash to resolve the issue before attempting to dash again.

5. Update The DoorDash App

Using an obsolete application may result in several problems, such as encountering error codes. Keeping the app up to date guarantees access to the most recent features and bug fixes, which can address the “Unable to dash at your current location” issue. Please follow these instructions:

For Android:
1. Launch the Google Play Store application.
2. Click on the menu icon, represented by three horizontal lines, and choose ‘My apps & games.’
3. Locate the DoorDash app within the list and select ‘Update’ if an update is accessible.

For iOS:
1. Launch the App Store on your iOS device.
2. Tap your profile icon located at the top of the screen.
3. Scroll down to view pending updates and release notes.
4. If an update is available, tap ‘Update’ next to the DoorDash app.

6. Uninstall And Reinstall The DoorDash App

If updating the application does not solve the problem, there might be an underlying issue with the installation files of the app. Reinstalling the app offers a clean slate by eliminating any corrupted or problematic files that could be triggering the error. Please adhere to the following steps:

For Android:
1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and choose either ‘Apps’ or ‘Application Manager.’
2. Locate and select the DoorDash app.
3. Tap ‘Uninstall’ and confirm the action.
4. Open the Google Play Store, search for DoorDash, and tap ‘Install.’

For iOS:
1. Long-press the DoorDash app icon on the home screen.
2. Select ‘Remove App,’ and then confirm by tapping ‘Delete App.’
3. Open the App Store, search for DoorDash, and either tap the cloud icon or ‘Get’ to reinstall.

7. Contact DoorDash Support

If none of the aforementioned solutions prove effective, the issue may reside with DoorDash itself, necessitating professional intervention for resolution. Seeking support enables the identification and rectification of account-specific or technical problems that may be beyond the user’s capacity to resolve.

Encountering the DoorDash error “Unable to Dash at Your Current Location Optional 400 Expected 200” can be exasperating, but viable steps exist for its resolution. By checking your account activation status, confirming app permissions and location services, force stopping and restarting the DoorDash app, investigating service outages, updating the app, or resorting to uninstalling and reinstalling it, you can enhance the likelihood of overcoming the error. If all else proves futile, reaching out to DoorDash support remains a valuable avenue for further assistance.


Q: Why am I encountering the error message “Unable to Dash at Your Current Location Optional 400 Expected 200”?

A: This error message may arise due to various factors, such as incomplete account activation, app permission or location service issues, temporary glitches, service outages, outdated app versions, or corrupted installation files. Follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article to address and resolve the issue.

Q: How can I verify if my DoorDash account is fully activated?

A: Confirm the activation status of your DoorDash account by checking your email for a Welcome Email from DoorDash. This email serves as an indication that your account is activated. If you haven’t received the Welcome Email, reach out to DoorDash support for further assistance.

Q: What should I do if none of the troubleshooting steps prove effective?

A: In the event that none of the provided solutions resolve the error, seeking professional assistance may be necessary. Contact DoorDash support for further guidance on addressing account-specific or technical issues.

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