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How to Fix / Solve: Coral Island Merfolk Kingdom Bug

Post Last Updates by Ankit: Monday, November 27, 2023 @ 1:31 PM

Coral Island Bug Fix: Enjoying the Full Experience

Coral Island Bug Fix: Enjoying the Full Experience

News: If you’re diving into Coral Island and loving the game, yet hitting a snag with the Merfolk Kingdom bug, you’re not alone. Countless players are facing hurdles in unlocking and navigating this captivating realm. Fear not, though – fixes exist to tackle this bug and restore your seamless journey through the entirety of Coral Island.

Reset Your Diving Location

At times, the game might fail to accurately track or update your whereabouts, leading to events not triggering as intended. By resetting your diving location, you can refresh your in-game status, prompting the correct sequence of events to unfold.

Exit Diving For Cutscene

Leaving a bugged state can often reset the game’s event triggers, potentially resolving issues where cutscenes fail to initiate.

Deplete Stamina

Depleting your character’s stamina could prompt the game to reset your character’s position, potentially fixing bugs linked to character placement or event triggering.

Load Previous Save

Reverting to an earlier save file can sometimes circumvent bugs caused by particular events or interactions during a game session.

Check Coral Island Game Files Integrity

Unexpected bugs and glitches often stem from corrupted or missing game files. Verifying the integrity of your game files stands as a fundamental and crucial step in troubleshooting any gaming issue.

Delete Corrupted Files

Occasionally, directly handling game save files can resolve issues, particularly if you can pinpoint and eliminate corrupted data causing the problem.

Await Official Fixes

Staying in the loop with official releases ensures you get the latest fixes and improvements from the game developers. Keep an eye on their official channels, like social media, for patch announcements. Regularly updating your game is key to accessing these fixes. By following these steps, you should be well on your way to resolving the Coral Island Merfolk Kingdom bug and fully immersing yourself in the game. Happy diving!


Q: Typically, what’s the average duration for the official solutions to be rolled out?

A: The duration for official fixes tends to fluctuate, influenced by the bug’s complexity and the resources available to developers. Nonetheless, ongoing efforts are made to address these issues, so stay vigilant for forthcoming updates.

Q: If the previously mentioned solutions don’t yield results, what steps should I take next?

Should you have attempted all troubleshooting steps without success and the issue persists, contacting the game’s support team is advisable. They possess the expertise to offer additional assistance and thoroughly investigate the matter.

Q: If you delete corrupted files, is there a risk of losing your progress?

In case you’ve backed up your save files, your progress won’t be lost. Nonetheless, it’s prudent to ensure you have a backup before deleting any files, as a precautionary measure.


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