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How To Fix / Solve: ARK Survival Ascended Taming Tracker UI Disappeared

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How to Fix the Disappearance of the Taming Tracker UI in ARK Survival Ascended

How To Fix / Solve: ARK Survival Ascended Taming Tracker UI Disappeared

News: “ARK Survival Ascended stands as a widely acclaimed video game with a global player base. A pivotal element within the game revolves around taming, requiring players to closely monitor the progression of this process. Unfortunately, some gamers have faced an issue where the taming tracker user interface (UI) vanishes, creating significant challenges in overseeing taming efforts. This predicament can prove exceptionally vexing, especially for those who heavily rely on the UI to successfully tame creatures. In this article, we will explore practical solutions to rectify the disappearance of the taming tracker UI in ARK Survival Ascended, enabling you to seamlessly resume your creature-taming endeavors.”

Reload the Game

At times, the taming tracker UI may vanish temporarily as a result of a game glitch. In such instances, a straightforward remedy involves reloading the game. First, save your progress and exit the game entirely. Next, restart the game and verify whether the taming tracker UI has been restored.

Reset the UI

Another potential solution is to reset the UI. Follow these steps to do so:

To unveil the console, press the tilde key (~).
Input the command “sethudvisible true” (omitting the quotes) and hit Enter.
Following the execution of this command, assess whether the taming tracker UI has been reinstated.

Check for Mods

If you are utilizing mods in ARK Survival Ascended, it’s possible that they are triggering conflicts with the taming tracker UI. To pinpoint the troublesome mod, consider disabling them individually and then restarting the game after each deactivation. After disabling a specific mod, assess whether the taming tracker UI reemerges. This stepwise process can help you isolate the mod responsible for the UI disappearance issue.

Update the Game

Ensure that your copy of ARK Survival Ascended is current by checking for updates. Game updates frequently incorporate bug fixes and address glitches that may be the source of the taming tracker UI disappearance. Verify if any updates are accessible for ARK Survival Ascended. If an update is available, proceed to download and install it. Following the update, assess whether the taming tracker UI has been restored.

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Use a Third-party App

If none of the previous remedies prove effective, you may explore the option of utilizing a third-party application as an alternative solution. Applications like Dododex or SA Companion provide independent taming trackers, bypassing the need to rely on the in-game user interface. To employ a third-party app:

  1. Download and install a third-party app like Dododex or SA Companion.
  2. Utilize the app’s taming tracker feature to monitor your tames.
  3. Check if the taming tracker UI has reappeared in the game.

If you encounter the issue of the taming tracker UI disappearing in ARK Survival Ascended, there are multiple troubleshooting steps you can explore. Begin by reloading the game, resetting the UI, and investigating any conflicting mods. Make sure your game is also up to date with the latest patches. If none of these steps resolve the problem, you can turn to a third-party app to maintain your taming progress. With these potential solutions, you should be able to address the issue and get back to your taming adventures seamlessly in ARK Survival Ascended.


Q: What causes the taming tracker UI to vanish in ARK Survival Ascended?

A: The disappearance of the taming tracker UI can be attributed to temporary glitches, conflicting mods, or outdated game versions.

Q: Are there alternative approaches to resolving the problem?

A: The mentioned solutions are the most effective ways to address the problem. However, you can also try verifying game files and reinstalling the game as a last resort.

Q: Is it possible to utilize multiple third-party applications for taming tracking in ARK Survival Ascended?

A: Yes, you can use multiple third-party apps like Dododex or SA Companion simultaneously to enhance your taming experience.

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