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How To Fix: Not Enough Raw Materials Cities Skylines

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How to Fix the “Not Enough Raw Materials” Issue in Cities Skylines

How To Fix: Not Enough Raw Materials Cities Skylines

News: Leading a city, tasked with its advancement and prosperity, presents formidable challenges. These encompass diverse responsibilities ranging from constructing new residences to guaranteeing the provision of fundamental services. A prevalent challenge encountered in city management involves grappling with the issue of insufficient raw materials within its industrial zones. In this article, we will delve into the significance of this problem, its root causes, and effective strategies for resolution within the widely played game, Cities Skylines.

Understanding the “Not Enough Raw Materials” Issue:

The “not enough raw materials” error signifies a severe deficiency in the essential supplies within your city’s industrial sector. This situation arises when the generic industries in your city’s industrial zones deplete their crucial raw materials necessary for their daily functions. In the world of Cities Skylines, these raw materials are drawn from four naturally occurring resources: forests (green), fertile land (yellow), ore (blue), and oil (black). As these resources diminish in availability, indicated by a lighter color, the error message emerges.

Causes of the “Not Enough Raw Materials” Issue:

1. Inadequate City Transportation: One of the primary culprits behind the “not enough raw materials” problem can be traced to irregular transportation connections between industrial zones and the storage facilities for raw materials. Insufficiencies in the number of cars, freight trains, and cargo ships can exacerbate these transportation challenges.

2. Distance Between Raw Material Sources and Industrial Zones: When your city’s industries are located at a considerable distance from their raw material sources, in conjunction with transportation challenges, it can result in an insufficient supply of essential raw materials.

Fixing the “Not Enough Raw Materials” Issue:

To address the “not enough raw materials” issue in Cities Skylines, you can consider the following solutions:

Fix 1: Proximity of Industrial Areas to Raw Material Sources: If your industrial districts are situated too distantly from the areas within your city where the necessary raw materials are stored, a viable solution is to relocate the industrial zones nearer to these material sources. This adjustment may entail a reexamination of your city’s overall construction layout.

Fix 2: Enhance Transportation Infrastructure: Another effective strategy to address this problem is to upgrade your city’s transportation systems. By investing in improved roadways and railways, you can facilitate the seamless transportation of raw materials to the industrial areas.

Fix 3: Seek Assistance from Support Team: If you have implemented the previously mentioned solutions and continue to encounter the “not enough raw materials” issue, it is advisable to contact the game’s support team or submit a request for assistance. They can offer additional guidance and help you resolve the problem effectively.

Having reliable access to raw materials is paramount for sustaining a functional industrial sector within your city. To preempt the “not enough raw materials” predicament, the presence of efficient transportation infrastructure is indispensable. This issue can potentially give rise to further complications within the Cities Skylines gaming environment. If you find yourself unable to rectify the problem through the recommended solutions, do not hesitate to reach out to the Cities Skylines support team for assistance.

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Q: What are the resources used as raw materials in Cities Skylines?

A: The resources used as raw materials in Cities Skylines are forests, fertile land, ore, and oil.

Q: How can I fix the “not enough raw materials” issue in the game?

A: You can fix the “not enough raw materials” issue by bringing industrial areas closer to raw material sources, improving transportation systems, or seeking support from the game’s team.

Q: What should I do if the suggested fixes do not resolve the issue?

A: If the suggested fixes do not resolve the “not enough raw materials” issue, you can reach out to the Cities Skylines support team for further assistance.

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