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How To Fix: Not Enough Buyers Cities Skylines

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Managing Your City in Cities Skylines

Managing Your City in Cities Skylines

What Does “Not Enough Buyers” Mean in Cities Skylines?

News: The “not enough buyers” error message in Cities Skylines occurs when your city’s industries do not have an adequate number of commercial zones to generate demand for their products. In the game, “buyers” are the commercial zones that directly buy raw materials or finished goods produced by your city’s industries.

Why Does the “Not Enough Buyers” Issue Occur in Cities Skylines?

There are several reasons why the “not enough buyers” issue may occur in Cities Skylines:

The presence of multiple industries in your city can lead to the “not enough buyers” problem. When there are numerous industries, they tend to overproduce goods. If there are fewer commercial units compared to industries, an excess of raw materials or finished goods can accumulate, which the commercial zones do not require.

Additionally, having an insufficient number of commercial zones in your city can also cause the “not enough buyers” issue. This occurs when your industries efficiently produce products, but there are not enough commercial zones to purchase these goods. Commercial zones are the primary buyers of products created by industries, so a shortage of them results in an inadequate market for the products.

Problems with the export system can further exacerbate the “not enough buyers” problem. Issues during the transportation of materials to shipping docks for export can cause delays, leading to a loss of potential buyers. Proper connectivity and logistics are essential to prevent this.

Incorrectly implemented business policies can also contribute to the “not enough buyers” issue. Certain industrial policies can increase production rates, leading to an excess of goods and a lack of buyers. These policy mistakes can even lead to the shutdown of industries within your city

How to Fix the “Not Enough Buyers” Issue in Cities Skylines?

Here are some solutions to resolve the “not enough buyers” issue in Cities Skylines:

Fix 1: Improve Transportation Connectivity

To address this issue, it’s crucial to establish efficient connectivity for your city’s industries. Construct well-designed roadways to ensure that the products produced by your industries can promptly reach the shipping docks. This proactive step will effectively eliminate delays in your city’s export system.

Fix 2: Adjust Commercial and Industrial Zones

To resolve this problem, you have two options: either increase the number of commercial zones or reduce the number of industrial spaces in your city. Expanding the commercial zones will generate more demand for the materials produced in your city, effectively increasing the number of buyers. Conversely, reducing the number of industries to align with the existing demand in your city can also address the issue.

Fix 3: Review and Adjust Industrial Policies

Ensure that you have activated the “commercial policies” feature in your city, as it can help control the production rates of goods and potentially enhance sales.

Fix 4: Seek Support from the Cities Skylines Team

If you have attempted all the previously mentioned methods and continue to encounter the same issue, it is recommended to contact the Cities Skylines support team. They can offer additional assistance and assist in troubleshooting the problem.

Encountering the “not enough buyers” issue in Cities Skylines is a common challenge. In the game, industrial zones produce goods for the commercial spaces, referred to as “buyers.” When faced with this problem, it could signal an overabundance of industrial zones or a requirement for additional commercial buildings. Moreover, connectivity issues within the export system might play a role. It’s essential to carefully examine your city, ensuring proper connectivity and an appropriate number of commercial spaces. If none of these measures resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team for assistance.

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Q: What does the “not enough buyers” error message mean?

A: The “not enough buyers” error message in Cities Skylines indicates a lack of commercial zones in your city, resulting in a surplus of goods produced by industries without enough buyers.

Q: How can I resolve the “not enough buyers” issue?

A: There are several solutions to fix the “not enough buyers” issue, including improving transportation connectivity, adjusting commercial and industrial zones, reviewing and adjusting industrial policies, and seeking support from the Cities Skylines team.

Q: What should I do if none of the solutions work?

A: If you have tried all the suggested fixes and still face the same issue, it is recommended to reach out to the Cities Skylines support team for further assistance and troubleshooting.

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