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How To Find Sequestered Mane In Granblue Fantasy Relink?

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How To Find Sequestered Mane In Granblue Fantasy Relink?

Granblue Fantasy Relink - Sequestered Mane Quest

News: In the well-liked action RPG game called Granblue Fantasy Relink, gamers get a chance to get a special item called the Sequestered Mane. How? By finishing the important “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest. Why is this quest crucial? Well, it’s a big part of boosting Lancelot’s ascension weapon from level 125 to 150.

But, here’s the catch – getting that Sequestered Mane isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a rare item that only drops when you defeat the tough Managarmr Omega Anima.

Game Overview

Cygames developed Granblue Fantasy Relink, and it hit the gaming scene on February 1, 2024, available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows.

This exciting game unfolds in the Sky Realm, casting players as a captain steering a crew on an airborne journey. Their mission? To chase after Estalucia, a fabled island believed to be beyond the clouds. Ready for an epic skyfaring adventure?

The Sequestered Mane

Getting the Sequestered Mane is a must if you want to level up Lancelot’s ascension weapon. But here’s the twist – this item is rare and in high demand, making it quite a challenge to get your hands on.

To snag the Sequestered Mane, players have to go head-to-head with the formidable Managarmr. This icy powerhouse is the main attraction in the “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest. Brace yourself for some intense battles as you strive to obtain the coveted Sequestered Mane, turning the quest into a thrilling and challenging experience.

Tips for Obtaining the Sequestered Mane

If players want a better shot at grabbing the Sequestered Mane, they should set their sights on taking down Managarmr at higher difficulty levels. Opting for Maniac or above difficulty levels comes with perks – these levels boost the drop rates for rare items, making them the go-to choice for players on the hunt for this precious item.

So, by tackling the hurdles of the “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest at higher difficulties, players can up their chances of scoring the elusive Sequestered Mane. It’s all about facing the challenge to reap the rewards!

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Completing the Quest

For players eyeing the Sequestered Mane, diving into the “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest is a must. In this quest, players face the challenge of taking down Managarmr Omega Anima, the frosty foe encountered along the way.

Successfully conquering the quest involves meeting certain goals, like executing a minimum of 10 link attacks, completing the quest within 8 minutes, and toppling an ice pillar in the boss battle. These objectives amp up the difficulty, earning the quest a reputation for its challenging content. So, buckle up for a tough but rewarding journey!

Rewards for Completion

Facing the “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest may be a tough challenge, but the rewards are totally worth the effort. Successfully completing the quest earns players Fortitude Crystals, valuable items handy for various upgrades, and the highly desired Sequestered Mane. Why is the Sequestered Mane so special? Well, it plays a crucial role in boosting Lancelot’s ascension weapon, making it a prized possession for players.

While taking on the formidable Managarmr Omega Anima is no walk in the park, conquering this quest on higher difficulties and meeting specific goals amps up the chances of snagging this coveted item. So, get your crew ready, gear up, and dive into the thrilling “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Upgrade Lancelot’s weapon and secure that Sequestered Mane for an epic gaming experience!


Q: What’s the deal with the “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest?

A: The “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest in Granblue Fantasy Relink is quite a challenge. In this quest, your goal is to take down the formidable Managarmr Omega Anima and snag yourself the elusive Sequestered Mane.

Q: How do I up my chances of getting that Sequestered Mane?

A: If you want a better shot at getting the Sequestered Mane, focus on tackling Managarmr at higher difficulty levels, like Maniac or above.

Q: What do I get as rewards for completing the “Saga Illustrated: Crystal” quest?

A: Once you successfully finish the quest, you’ll be showered with Fortitude Crystals and the highly coveted Sequestered Mane.

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