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How to Collect All 3 Carp Spirit Orbs in Genshin Impact?

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How to Collect All 3 Carp Spirit Orbs in Genshin Impact?

How to Acquire the Spirit Orb in Genshin Impact?

News: In Genshin Impact’s Chenyu Vale area, players can discover fascinating Jade Cascade puzzles in Mt. Xualin. By using Adeptal Energy, they can open three Carp Spirit Orbs, important items for the “Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade” World Quest. This quest offers players a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Acquiring the Spirit Orb in Genshin Impact

To get the Spirit Orb in Genshin Impact, go to the Chenyu Vale region, specifically Mt. Xualin. The map shows where the Jade Cascade puzzles are. These puzzles have three sealed carp statues that players can open using Adeptal Energy. Players are rewarded with Spirit Orbs, important for the “Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade” World Quest.

The first Carp Spirit Orb is below the pavilion in Mt. Xuanlin. To solve the puzzle, use the Jade Hairpin, a tree branch northwest of the area. Use it to move a floating rock, lowering it to reveal the first Carp Spirit Orb. Players can also ignite the censers with the Jade Incense Cauldrons to get the initial orb.

Heading north, players find the mechanism for the second Carp Spirit Orb. Place the Jade Hairpin on the top right side to lift a submerged platform near stone carvings. Pick up a carving and put it on an adjacent platform to unseal the mechanism. Finally, place the mechanism under the Jade Hairpin to finish the puzzle.

The last Spirit Orb is southeast. Defeat enemy mobs to unlock the Carp Statues, pick them up, and place them on a nearby platform. To complete the puzzle for the last Spirit Orb, slide the Jade Hairpin to the opposite side while looking up.

Collecting Spirit Orbs is part of the objectives in the “An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade” World Quest. This quest is a sub-quest in Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade, the primary World Quest series in the version 4.4 update.

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Understanding the Spirit Orb in Genshin Impact

In the vast world of Genshin Impact, the Spirit Orb is a significant quest item hidden within puzzles scattered across the beautiful landscape of Mt. Xualin. As players embark on the captivating “An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade” World Quest, their mission is to locate and activate three distinct Spirit Orbs. These orbs ultimately lead to a pavilion nestled in the heart of Mt. Xuanlin, adding an engaging layer of exploration and puzzle-solving to the gameplay.

What makes this quest special is the flexibility it provides to players. Even before diving into the main narrative of the version 4.4 update’s primary World Quest series, “Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade,” adventurers can actively pursue and complete the Spirit Orbs objective through thorough exploration. This strategic choice gives players a unique gaming experience, allowing them to uncover hidden mysteries and fulfill quest requirements at their own pace.

Completing the extensive “Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade” World Quest series is not just a routine task; it’s a significant milestone. Beyond the immediate quest rewards, successful completion grants access to concealed sub-regions within the game, encouraging players to undertake further exploration and discovery.

However, the journey to obtain Spirit Orbs is no walk in the park. Navigating through the intricacies of the puzzles demands wit, observation, and a strategic mindset. Players must actively engage with their surroundings, solve puzzles, and overcome challenges to secure these elusive quest items. This added complexity enhances the overall gaming experience in Genshin Impact.


Q: How many Spirit Orbs can you find in Genshin Impact?

A: In Genshin Impact, you can discover three Spirit Orbs by solving the Jade Cascade puzzles located in Mt. Xualin.

Q: What does Adeptal Energy do?

A: Adeptal Energy is a valuable resource in Genshin Impact that players can use to unlock the Carp Spirit Orbs. You can obtain it by interacting with the Jade Incense Cauldrons.

Q: What rewards do you get for finishing the “Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade” World Quest series?

A: By completing the “Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade” World Quest series, you unlock access to hidden sub-regions in the game. This opens up more opportunities for exploration and discovery.

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