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How Do I Get Free Access To McGraw Hill Connect

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How Do I Get Free Access To McGraw Hill Connect

Getting Free Access to McGraw Hill Connect

News: Getting McGraw Hill Connect for free can really make a big difference for both students and teachers. In this blog, we’ll check out ways you can get free access to McGraw Hill Connect, making sure you’ve got what you need to do well in school.

1. Free Trial Access

One way to get McGraw Hill Connect for free is by trying out their free trial. McGraw Hill lets you try out various programs and products online to see if they’re a good fit for you. To see if there’s a free trial available, just go to their website and find the “Free Trial Access” page. Fill in your details there, and they’ll send you a username and password via email so you can start the trial. If you don’t see the email, don’t forget to check your spam or promotions folder. And if you made a mistake in your email address, you can always request another trial.

2. Connect Temporary Access

You also have the option to get 14 days of access to Connect without needing a registration code or buying anything. This temporary access can be handy if you’re waiting for financial aid or if your class hasn’t started yet. The 14-day access starts when you sign up for this option, and any work you do during this time will be saved when you officially register for your course. You can learn more about this on the Connect Temporary Access page. Just follow the steps on the page to access the temporary resources and check out the educational stuff they offer.

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3. Upgrade Free Trial

If you’re already using a free trial and want to upgrade, you can easily do it right from the Connect platform itself. Here’s how:

1. Access Upgrade: While your free trial is still going on, you can upgrade anytime by following the instructions in the Connect platform. Just log in to your Connect account at

2. Renew Access: If your free trial has ended, you’ll see a warning when you visit your course in Connect. To start the upgrade process, click on “Renew Access”.

3. Purchase Options: Make sure you’re on a laptop or desktop computer as you can’t buy Connect using an iOS or Android device. Once you start the upgrade process, they’ll guide you through the purchase options. You can find detailed instructions in the Connect Free Trial Upgrade PDF.

4. Virtual Credit Card Method

Some people have found success getting a McGraw Hill Connect free trial by using a school email address and a virtual credit card. Here’s how you can try this method:

1. Check with Your Credit Card Issuer: See if your credit card company provides virtual credit cards. Some big companies offer them, but not all do.

2. Generate a Virtual Card: If your credit card company does provide virtual cards, log in to your account online and find the option for Virtual Card Numbers. You can usually generate a temporary card through their website or app.

3. Sign Up for the Free Trial: Once you have your virtual card, use it to sign up for the free trial or temporary access to McGraw Hill Connect.

5. School Email Address

You can also get a free trial of McGraw Hill Connect by using your school email address. Just go to the McGraw Hill website and sign up with your school email when asked. You might need to verify your school email by clicking a link they send you. Once it’s verified, you can access your McGraw Hill account using your school email.

By doing this, you’ll have free access to McGraw Hill Connect for a while. It’s a great way for students and teachers to check out the platform and its educational stuff without having to pay right away.


Q: Is it possible to extend my free trial period?

A: Unfortunately, the free trial period cannot be extended. However, there are alternative ways to access McGraw Hill Connect for free, such as temporary access or using a school email address.

Q: Can I still use the temporary access resources after my course begins?

A: Yes, any work you do during the temporary access period will be saved when you fully register for your course. Temporary access allows you to explore the resources before making a purchase.

Q: What should I do if I face any difficulties during the free trial process?

A: If you encounter any issues, consider reaching out to McGraw Hill support for assistance. They can help you troubleshoot any problems you encounter.

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