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Honkai Star Rail: All Sticker Collection Locations for Ultimate Completion

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Honkai Star Rail: Unveiling the Locations of All Dreamscape Pass Stickers

Honkai Star Rail: Unveiling the Locations of All Dreamscape Pass Stickers

News: Embark on thrilling adventures across diverse worlds with Honkai Star Rail, as we delve into the captivating realm of Dreamscape Pass stickers in this article. Discover the meaning behind these unique collectibles, learn how to acquire them, and explore their importance within the game. Unveiling the numerous locations where players can uncover these stickers and the enticing rewards that await, let’s plunge into the immersive world of Honkai Star Rail!

What are Dreamscape Pass Stickers in Honkai Star Rail?

In Honkai Star Rail, players can acquire Dreamscape Pass Stickers by successfully completing missions and uncovering hidden quests. These distinctive collectibles play a crucial role as integral components of the Dreamtour Handbook, accessible through the in-game phone.

Illustrated Stickers and Note Stickers:

There are two types of Dreamscape Pass Stickers: Illustrated Stickers and Note Stickers. Illustrated Stickers feature vibrant artwork and signify major accomplishments or discoveries within the game. On the other hand, Note Stickers provide additional information or lore about the game’s characters, locations, or events.

Viewing and Rewards:

Players can view their collection of Dreamscape Pass Stickers by checking their Dreamtour Handbook. As players progress through the game and unlock more stickers, they may also receive rewards such as Stellar Jade.

Honkai Star Rail All Dreamscape Pass Sticker Locations:

1. The Reverie:
In the area of The Reverie, players can find stickers like Adventurine and Robin. During missions, keep an eye out for Gallagher and Acheron.

2. Big Squanderer:
In the Big Squanderer area, search for stickers like Floatdisc Burger and “Sales Rep.” These stickers can be found around Golden Hour F2.

3. City That Never Sleeps:
Look for stickers like The Family Needs You! and Smokescreen in the City That Never Sleeps area. Explore around Golden Hour F2 to find them.

4. Amusing Ourselves to Death:
In the Amusing Ourselves to Death area, players can locate stickers like Aideen Park and Golden Capsule Machine. These stickers can be found around Golden Hour F2.

5. Talking Clock:
Find stickers like Hey! I’m Clockie and Look! He’s Called Brother Hanu in the Talking Clock area. Look near Young Master Gold’s “Great Tree” to spot them.

6. A Mirage of Shooting Stars:
In the area of A Mirage of Shooting Stars, search for stickers like The Family’s Construction Authority. These stickers can be found around Dream’s Edge.

7. A Certain Someone’s Past:
Find stickers like Migratory Memory and Frozen Memory in the A Certain Someone’s Past area. Search for them in A Child’s Dream.

8. Eldritch Dreamfall:
In the Eldritch Dreamfall area, players can find stickers like Allseer and Heartbreaker. These stickers are located in The Reverie (Dreamscape).

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In Honkai Star Rail, the pursuit of Dreamscape Pass Stickers enhances the thrill and exploration within the game. By successfully accomplishing a range of missions and uncovering hidden quests, players not only obtain these intriguing collectibles but also reap rewarding benefits. The enigmatic locations like The Reverie and Eldritch Dreamfall serve as pivotal sites for uncovering these stickers. Embark on your journey, traverse these diverse areas, and revel in the unfolding adventure as you unlock the secrets within Honkai Star Rail. Happy gaming!


Q: How do I acquire Dreamscape Pass Stickers?

A: Dreamscape Pass Stickers can be obtained by successfully completing missions and uncovering hidden quests within Honkai Star Rail.

Q: What role do Dreamscape Pass Stickers play in the game?

A: Dreamscape Pass Stickers are integral to the Dreamtour Handbook, symbolizing significant achievements and offering additional insights into the game’s world and characters.

Q: Are there rewards associated with collecting Dreamscape Pass Stickers?

A: Players can receive rewards, including items like Stellar Jade, as they unlock more Dreamscape Pass Stickers in Honkai Star Rail.

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