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Helldivers 2: How to Get and Use Boosters?

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Helldivers 2: How to Get and Use Boosters?

Boosters in Helldivers 2

News: Boosters in Helldivers 2 provide players with diverse advantages that can greatly enhance their combat abilities and survival skills. These Boosters can be accessed at the Acquisitions Center’s Warbond section, where players can unlock them using Medals. Each Booster page presents unique enhancements that require the player to unlock them using Medals. It is crucial to choose the right Booster that suits your tactical advantage.

The Importance of Boosters

Helldivers 2 is an exhilarating game that pits players against relentless alien adversaries. Boosters are essential tools that provide significant advantages in battles and dangerous environments. By unlocking and utilizing Boosters, players can gain the upper hand and ensure their success on the battlefield. With a wide range of Boosters available, each offering unique enhancements and tactical advantages, mastering their usage is key to becoming a formidable Helldiver.

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Augmenting Offensive and Defensive Capabilities

Boosters in Helldivers 2 can augment offensive capabilities and bolster defensive strategies, allowing players to customize their approach and adapt to ever-changing challenges. Whether facing swarms of alien creatures or engaging in intense skirmishes with hostile forces, utilizing Boosters is crucial for survival. So gear up, unlock those Boosters, and prepare for an exciting journey filled with action-packed battles and heart-pounding excitement in Helldivers 2.

Unlocking Boosters

To unlock Boosters in Helldivers 2, players need to visit the Acquisitions Center within their Destroyer ship. Here, they can navigate to the Helldivers Mobilise! Warbond section and scroll through the pages to find the Boosters available for unlocking.

Available Boosters

At the beginning of an Operation in Helldivers 2, players can equip and utilize the following Boosters, each with their corresponding Medal requirements:

  1. Hellpod Space Optimization (15 Medals): This Booster ensures that Helldivers start with a full stock of ammunition, grenades, and stims.

  2. Vitality Enhancement (20 Medals): This Booster provides injury resistance for all Helldivers.

  3. UAV Recon Booster (40 Medals): This Booster enhances radar effectiveness.

  4. Stamina Enhancement (75 Medals): This Booster increases stamina amount and recovery time for all Helldivers.

  5. Muscle Enhancement (70 Medals): This Booster facilitates easier mobility, allowing players to traverse difficult terrain more efficiently.

  6. Increased Reinforcement Budget (150 Medals): This Booster augments the number of reinforcements available to players.

  7. Flexible Reinforcement Budget (75 Medals): This Booster speeds up the spawn rate of reinforcements and is available on page three of the Steeled Veterans battle pass.

Utilizing Boosters Effectively

To effectively utilize Boosters in Helldivers 2, players should follow these steps:

  1. Access the Armory: Before heading into battle, visit the Armory or loadout selection area on your Destroyer. Here, you can equip Boosters for your upcoming missions.

  2. Choose Wisely: Coordinate with your team to choose the most effective Boosters for your mission. Each loadout should contain only one type of Booster to avoid stacking effects.

  3. Permanent Selection: Once you’ve selected a Booster for your loadout, it cannot be changed during the mission. Consider the mission objectives and your team’s strategy before making your choice.

  4. Equip at the Galactic Console: When selecting your mission at the Galactic console, navigate to the hexagon icon under Mission Stratagems. Here, you can choose and equip the Booster you’ve selected from the Warbond battle pass.

  5. Utilize Boosters Effectively: During the mission, make the most of your equipped Booster’s benefits. Whether it’s enhancing stamina, increasing radar effectiveness, or bolstering injury resistance, use these advantages to overcome the challenges you’ll face on the battlefield.

About Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is set to launch on February 8, 2024, for PlayStation 5 and Windows platforms. Unlike its predecessor, Helldivers 2 offers a dynamic third-person shooter experience instead of a top-down view. Whether playing solo or in multiplayer mode, players can expect adrenaline-pumping action against formidable foes.

Powered by the advanced Autodesk Stingray engine, Helldivers 2 boasts visually stunning graphics that immerse players in its meticulously crafted universe. With a wide range of weaponry and gadgets at their disposal, players can strategically tackle diverse challenges. The game emphasizes quick thinking and precise aim, offering an engaging fusion of combat and strategy.

Players will traverse various environments, engaging in relentless firefights while adapting to the evolving battlefield. Helldivers 2 builds upon its predecessor’s foundation, refining gameplay mechanics and introducing new elements to enthrall both returning fans and newcomers.


Q: Can Boosters be changed during a mission?

A: No, once you’ve selected a Booster for your loadout, it cannot be changed during the mission. Choose wisely before heading into battle.

Q: How can Boosters be unlocked in Helldivers 2?

A: Boosters can be unlocked by visiting the Acquisitions Center’s Warbond section and using Medals to unlock them.

Q: What is the release date of Helldivers 2?

A: Helldivers 2 is set to launch on February 8, 2024, for PlayStation 5 and Windows platforms.


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