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Guide and Walkthrough for Abandoned 2: Exploring Gameplay with Wiki Information

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Unravel the Enigmatic Secrets of Abandoned 2: A Simple Guide for Easy Exploration

Unravel the Enigmatic Secrets of Abandoned 2

News: Abandoned 2, part of the renowned Abandoned series, is an engrossing point-and-click mystery game available on the Cool Math Games website. This enthralling game invites players on an exciting journey through various dimensions, all in pursuit of a missing sibling. While the initial installment ventured to Tibet and an extraterrestrial realm, Abandoned 2 unfolds a fascinating new chapter set within an enchanting forest dimension.

Forest Dimension

– Begin by entering the forest through the door.

– Head left, and you’ll stumble upon a ladder attached to a tree. Use it to climb down.

– Locate a circular switch on the tree trunk and give it a spin.

– Return to the left side, search the bushes to discover a hand saw, and then climb back up the ladder.

Hanging Vines and Wooden Stick

– Proceed to the right until you reach a tree with hanging vines. Click on the vines to let them drop, allowing you to climb up.

– Move left, and use the hand saw to cut a wooden stick. Make sure to pick it up.

– Descend the ladder, go left, and insert the stick into a contraption to create a bridge.

Temple Puzzle

– Head left and read a message on a tree. Proceed up a ladder to find a shovel.

– Find a circular switch and turn it horizontally. Now, make your way to the temple door on the right.

– Solve the puzzle upstairs by hitting the first three arrows to the right.

– As you solve it correctly, a ladder will appear. Climb up, use the switch, and continue forward.

Skull Key and Desert World

– Utilize the trapezoid key on a door that leads to a space station.

– Collect a brown key and return.

– Open a door with the brown key, climb up, and retrieve a pyramid.

– Place the pyramid in a hole to unveil a hidden passage.

Space Station and Power Puzzle

– Use the skinny key to unlock a door and acquire a magnifying lens.

– Head to the desert and attach the lens and spare part to a machine.

– Solve a complex power puzzle inside the space station to obtain a red button.

– Use the red button in the desert on a broken door to reveal a symbol.

Blue Liquid and Tree Puzzle

– Insert a skull cup into a machine located in the tree’s canopy.

– The blue liquid will melt a seal on the tree, allowing you to descend and encounter a blue wall cube puzzle.

– Solve the puzzle to proceed. Don’t forget to reset it and rearrange it for a different puzzle later.

Disc Tray and Final Puzzle

– Use the mysterious disks on a door within the tree to access hidden messages.

– Enter the final cave area and complete the game.

Optional: Secret Symbols

– Discover symbols in a room beneath a burnt-out hole, a room unlocked with a keypad, and a room hidden behind a torture room code.

– Solve the corresponding puzzles for each symbol.

Remember, these simplified steps serve as a guide, but don’t hesitate to explore and interact with various elements in the game. If you find yourself stuck on specific puzzles, feel free to seek additional guidance.

Abandoned 2, featured on Cool Math Games, delivers an engrossing point-and-click mystery game experience. Players are drawn into a captivating journey spanning various dimensions, all centered around uncovering the mysteries shrouding a vanished sibling within a mesmerizing forest backdrop. From manipulating tree switches and unraveling temple enigmas to traversing space stations, the game mesmerizes with its straightforward yet engaging gameplay. Key tools like the trapezoid key, magnifying lens, and red button hold pivotal roles, unlocking doors and unveiling crucial symbols. Employing a skull cup ingeniously aids in melting seals and progressing through complex blue wall cube puzzles. The climax involves decoding cryptic messages using peculiar disks within an eerie cave, culminating in the ultimate test. Abandoned 2 masterfully blends exploration and puzzle-solving, ensuring a visually captivating escapade that continuously enthralls players while they uncover the enigmatic tale of the missing brother.


Is Abandoned 2 accessible on alternative websites for playing?

Abandoned 2 is exclusively found on the Cool Math Games platform.

Are there hidden clues or extra items within the game?

There are concealed symbols and puzzles waiting to be discovered, offering extra challenges and rewards.

Does Abandoned 2 cater to players of all ages?

Abandoned 2 is a game suitable for all ages, providing a family-friendly experience.

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