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Foamstars: How to Acquire Bubble Gems?

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Best Bubble Gems in Foamstars: Unlocking the Power Within

Best Bubble Gems in Foamstars: Unlocking the Power Within

News: If you really enjoy playing Foamstars, you’re probably familiar with how special Bubble Gems can be. They’re like magic treasures that can make your characters stronger during battles. But figuring out which Bubble Gems work best for your game can be tricky. In this article, we’ll make it simple for you and share information about the best Bubble Gems in Foamstars.

Speedy Sprint Gem

This gem is a game-changer as it enhances your character’s speed, allowing them to move swiftly across the battlefield and dodge enemy attacks with ease. With the Speedy Sprint Gem, you can outmaneuver your opponents and gain a tactical advantage.

Mighty Strength Gem

If you want to make your character really strong, go for the Mighty Strength Gem. This gem amps up your character’s power, making their attacks stronger and helping them take down enemies more easily. Having the Mighty Strength Gem turns you into a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Stealthy Shadow Gem

For those who prefer a more stealthy approach, the Stealthy Shadow Gem is a must-have. This gem enhances your character’s ability to move around silently, making it harder for enemies to detect them. Sneak up on your opponents and surprise them with a devastating attack using the Stealthy Shadow Gem.

Healing Heart Gem

In the heat of battle, every second counts. The Healing Heart Gem allows your character to heal faster, ensuring they can recover from damage quickly and stay in the fight for longer. With the Healing Heart Gem, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor by regaining your strength when it matters most. To acquire these precious Bubble Gems, you need Energy Stones, which can be obtained through various means:

Earn Energy Stones

You get Energy Stones by reaching certain levels in the game, like hitting levels 5 and 10. As you keep moving forward in Foamstars, you’ll earn Energy Stones as rewards. These stones help you get closer to getting those valuable Bubble Gems.

Progress Through the Battle Pass

Another way to obtain Energy Stones is through the battle pass. As you climb the tiers of the battle pass, you will be rewarded with Energy Stones, typically around tier 41. Make sure to keep an eye on the battle pass rewards and claim your Energy Stones when they become available.

Once you have accumulated enough Energy Stones, it’s time to roll for Bubble Gems. Spend your Energy Stones to get a chance at acquiring these powerful Gems that can transform your gameplay. Keep in mind that each character can only hold three Bubble Gems at a time, so choose wisely and select the Gems that align with your playstyle and strategy.

Equipping Bubble Gems is a straightforward process. Once you have obtained the desired Gems, you can easily equip them to your characters, enhancing their abilities and giving you a competitive advantage on the battlefield.

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Foamstars sets itself apart from other shooting games with its innovative use of foam-based gameplay mechanics. The foam becomes your tool for strategic manipulation of the battlefield, allowing you to create slippery surfaces, build defenses, and discover advantageous positions. This unique gameplay feature adds an exciting layer of creativity and strategy to each match, ensuring that no battle feels the same.

One of the standout features of Foamstars is its accessibility. The game is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, making it available to a wide audience. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned gamer, Foamstars caters to players of all skill levels. The game’s intuitive design and easy-to-understand mechanics ensure that newcomers can quickly jump in and enjoy the gameplay alongside experienced players.

Foamstars thrives on teamwork and smart thinking. Whether you’re collaborating with your teammates to outsmart opponents or strategically using foam to gain an advantage, the game fosters a sense of camaraderie and excitement. With its emphasis on creative strategies and cooperative gameplay, Foamstars creates an immersive experience that keeps players engaged and entertained.

Foamstars is a fun and easy-to-play multiplayer game that delivers a distinct and engaging gaming experience on PlayStation. Boost your characters’ strength by getting the top Bubble Gems and improve their performance in battles. With its creative foam-based gameplay, Foamstars introduces new challenges and strategic thinking opportunities. Whether you’re a PlayStation Plus member or just a gaming fan seeking something new, Foamstars ensures non-stop enjoyment and excitement for players of any background and skill level.


Q: How can I get Energy Stones in Foamstars?

A: You can acquire Energy Stones in Foamstars by reaching certain level milestones in the game or by earning them through the battle pass.

Q: Is it possible to equip more than three Bubble Gems on my character?

A: No, your character can only equip a maximum of three Bubble Gems at a time.

Q: What benefits come with using the Stealthy Shadow Gem?

A: The Stealthy Shadow Gem provides an advantage by allowing your character to move silently. This makes it more challenging for enemies to detect you, providing opportunities for surprise attacks.

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