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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Unlock Aponi the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo?

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How to Unlock Aponi the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

How to Unlock Aponi the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

News: In the gaming realm of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, adventurers can delve into unlocking Aponi, a distinctive Chocobo found within the scenic confines of Cosmo Canyon. Securing Aponi entails embarking on a formidable stealth mission, demanding shrewd tactical maneuvers and precise navigation. This guide aims to furnish comprehensive instructions on acquiring Aponi, ensuring players can revel in the advantages bestowed by this exceptional companion within the game.

Locating Aponi

Commencing the quest for Aponi entails players venturing to Cosmo Canyon and progressing northeast along the primary route to reach Kamaria’s Ranch, the local Chocobo haven in the region. Upon arriving at the ranch, players can kickstart a side quest that unfolds into a crucial Chocobo intelligence mission. This mission guides them to a pivotal Chocobo information site situated just north of the ranch. Nestled in a discreet corner of the canyon, this spot introduces an exploratory element to the journey, inviting players to uncover its hidden location.

Completing the Chocobo Intel Quest

The primary goal of this quest revolves around engaging in the FFVII Rebirth Cosmo Canyon Chocobo stealth mission. Participants are tasked with skillfully traversing the canyon, eluding the vigilant gaze of multiple Chocobos along the way. The ultimate aim is to successfully reach Aponi, positioned at the conclusion of this challenging mission.

Maneuvering Through the Canyon

To successfully navigate through the canyon, players need to make strategic use of the mine carts scattered throughout the area. It is essential to push each mine cart forward and utilize them as cover to avoid detection by the resident Chocobos. There are also sections where players will encounter levers that need to be manipulated to divert tracks, allowing the mine carts to progress. These segments can be challenging, but the presence of checkpoints at crucial moments provides some respite.

Overcoming the Final Obstacle

The pinnacle challenge emerges when players encounter a Chocobo strategically placed right in front of Aponi. Confronting this obstacle head-on, players can employ nearby stones as a distraction tactic, diverting the attention of the blocking Chocobo. This strategic maneuver opens up a window for a more seamless approach towards Aponi. Precision is of utmost importance in navigating this section, given Aponi’s heightened awareness, which makes it crucial to proceed with careful and deliberate movements to avoid detection.

Bonding with Aponi

Once players are in close proximity to Aponi, they can interact with the Chocobo to forge an instant bond. This bond will unlock Aponi as a companion and provide access to a range of exciting opportunities within the game.

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Post-Unlock Benefits

Acquiring Aponi in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth yields numerous advantages for players, unlocking access to Chocobo training courses and additional missions involving Kamaria and her daughter. Moreover, the endeavor grants players a coveted reward—an exclusive Yuffie weapon equipped with the sought-after Shooting Star ability. These perks not only enrich the overall gaming experience but also make the pursuit of unlocking Aponi a highly gratifying venture.

The quest to unlock Aponi, the Chocobo residing in Cosmo Canyon, presents a challenging yet fulfilling journey in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. By deftly navigating the canyon, surmounting obstacles, and forging a connection with Aponi, players can secure a valuable companion and partake in exciting gameplay opportunities. Seamlessly woven into the game’s narrative, the quest immerses players in the exploration of Cosmo Canyon and its environs. Embark on this adventure to unlock Aponi and relish the rewards it brings in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


Q: How long does it take to unlock Aponi in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

A: The time required to unlock Aponi can vary based on individual player skill and familiarity with the game. On average, it may take a few hours to complete the necessary quests and successfully navigate the stealth mission to reach Aponi.

Q: Does Aponi possess any special abilities or skills?

A: Aponi does not have any unique abilities or skills. However, forming a bond with Aponi allows players to access Chocobo training courses and participate in additional missions, offering opportunities to enhance gameplay and earn valuable rewards.

Q: Can Aponi be used in battles or combat situations?

A: No, Aponi cannot be utilized in battles or combat scenarios. Aponi serves as a companion, providing benefits outside of combat, such as facilitating access to training courses and additional missions.

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