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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Complete the Hardest Sell Side Quest?

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Complete The Hardest Sell Side Quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Complete The Hardest Sell Side Quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Unlocking The Quest

News: The initiation of The Hardest Sell side quest hinges upon players conversing with Toby at The Crow’s Nest, an interaction that becomes accessible post the completion of the When Words Won’t Do side quest. Upon obtaining pertinent information from Toby, players are then directed towards the old lighthouse to continue their journey.

Reaching The Lighthouse

To locate the lighthouse, players should follow the quest marker, which serves as a reliable guide, ensuring they stay on the right path without getting lost and enabling them to easily find their way to their destination.

Battle with Kyrie and the Fiends

Arriving at the lighthouse, players will come across Kyrie, a mysterious mercenary originating from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake universe. Kyrie’s appearance draws the attention of local fiends, prompting a battle that players must participate in. The initial adversaries players encounter are Flans, creatures vulnerable to fire magic but resilient against physical assaults. Hence, players should employ fire-based spells to effectively overcome these opponents.

Defeating the White Mousses

After defeating the Flans, players will confront White Mousses. These creatures lack specific weaknesses but possess resistance against physical attacks. To overcome them, players should deploy a variety of spells to steadily chip away at their health until they are vanquished.

Reward and Conclusion

Following the skirmish, Kyrie bids farewell, leaving players with custom Chocobo gear of her own design, including the Merc Cap, Merc Overalls, and Merc Legwraps tailored for players’ Chocobo companion, Belle.

The quest wraps up with Toby’s arrival, marking its successful completion. As a token of appreciation for their endeavors, players receive 10 Party EXP, 500 EXP, and an enhanced rapport with Red XIII.

Exploring Side Quests in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, The Hardest Sell stands as merely one among the plethora of captivating side quests awaiting players. Though not integral to the main storyline, its completion bestows upon players valuable rewards, delves deeper into the game’s lore and backstory, and enriches the expansive game world. Moreover, embarking on this quest presents a chance to traverse uncharted territories, engage with intriguing characters, and uncover hidden facets of the game’s universe.

Embark on The Hardest Sell Adventure

In summary, The Hardest Sell side quest within Final Fantasy VII Rebirth presents players with an enthralling mystery centered around an ancient lighthouse. By adhering to the steps detailed in this guide, players can maneuver through battles, tackle puzzles, and unveil hidden secrets to triumphantly conclude the quest. Accomplishing this feat not only grants players coveted in-game rewards but also enriches their gaming journey. 

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Q: What are the rewards for completing The Hardest Sell side quest?

A: Players will receive 10 Party EXP, 500 EXP, and an improved relationship with Red XIII.

Q: Are there any specific strategies to defeat the Flans and White Mousses?

A: Players should use fire-based spells to defeat the Flans and employ various spells to gradually reduce the White Mousses’ health.

Q: Are side quests like The Hardest Sell important for the main storyline?

A: While side quests are not essential to the main storyline, they offer valuable rewards, additional lore, and backstory to the game world.

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